The episode starts in Norway at a lab where a wolf was frozen under ice. Cut to the underground bar, J’onn and M’gann chat and Mon-El and Kara talk about him needing a job and training. Alex talks to Maggie about her sexuality. Kara is drunk as Winn updates the team of the Norway incident at the DEO. With Kara in her current state, J’onn and Alex fly out there. They find one scientist alive and bring him back to the DEO. Kara trains Mon-El, but is interrupted by Alex. They go out for a walk and she comes out to Kara. The scientist tests his blood and feels something inside of him, feeding on him. Winn shows J’onn footage from Norway that shows Dr. Jones being infected by the organism. Superhero confronts him but he sucks the energy from her and crumples Alex’s gun.

At the DEO, they find out it’s a parasite. James shows up and Winn tells him the suit isn’t ready. Kara goes home and Alex follows her. Alex asks her if she’s ok about her coming out. Kara apologizes about not being open enough with her. Kara rushes to an alien fight in an alleyway. It turns out to be Mon-El shaking down people who owe debts. They have an argument and she takes off. J’onn and Kara set a trap for Dr. Rudy Jones to stop him from feeding. Unfortunately, he turns into a parasite and sucks the life out of both heroes. Alex goes off to find M’gann to help J’onn. James decides its time to suit up. Alex finds Mon-El drinking after finding out about Kara. She gives him a pep talk before leaving with M’gann. Alex tells M’gann that she needs her to give him a blood transfusion. M’gann tries to wiggle out of it, but agrees.

Mon-El goes after parasite and gets help from James as Guardian. Kara heads to the fight thinking Mon-El is alone. Winn talks to James through his ear. Kara feeds him plutonium and parasite explodes. James’s suit is made of lead so Kara couldn’t see who he was. The next day, Winn and James have a chat about continuing his quest. J’onn thanks M’gann but she doesn’t tell him she’s a white Martian. Maggie offers Alex a drink and Alex kisses her, but Maggie rejects her. Kara goes to comfort Alex. Mon-El tried to help someone but ends up getting kidnapped by Cadmus.

I enjoyed this episode. Is it one of my top episodes this season? Maybe not, but it did do a lot of great things. I will say that usually when show touch on sexual orientation, I tune out mostly because that isn’t what I’m there to see. This, however, was handled greatly and I appreciated the performance by both Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh. I will say a negative for me is still Maggie. I’m not too thrilled with Floriana Lima’s performance. She almost seems disinterested a good portion of the time. Another negative I’ll come with right away is the Guardian arc. His suit looks ridiculous and I just can’t believe he could survive a fight like that in his first appearance. The smell of Laurel is all over this.

I did like how Mon-El progressed over the episode. I wonder if Cadmus will program him to be Cyborg Superman. That would be interesting. The dynamic between J’onn and M’gann is interesting. I’m curious as to when he finds out she is a White Martian and if there will be effects from the blood transfusion. I also love how Supergirl has borrowed those tag scenes from the Flash. Even though this episode had nothing to do with Cadmus, it still felt like it did, similar to “the man in the yellow suit” arc from The Flash Season One. Kara herself seemed to take a smaller role this week, which was fine because she could push everyone else’s storylines along.

There is one more episode until the crossover. Even though the Supergirl episode stats the crossover, it won’t be a part of it until the end. So, I wonder how they will leave things over the next few episodes. It seems like James runs into some trouble next week involving his new night job and J’onn attacks Kara. Maybe that’s some mind manipulation or maybe an effect of the transfusion… I’m not sure. I think Mon-El will be altered with and we may get a glimpse at Dean Cain aka Alex’s dad. Overall I’d score this episode at an 87%.


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