In this episode, Wally tells Joe about his dreams of being Kid Flash. Joe is worried that he’ll end up like Magenta. Barry and Julian are back to enemies. Joe visits Barry and tells him about Wally. H.R. suggests that they reopen Star Labs as a museum and Cisco tells him that Evil Wells killed Barry’s mom. Barry tells Wally about his life as Kid Flash. Wally rejects Barry’s story and tells Joe he thinks he doesn’t trust him. A shadow chokes a man outside of an office. Barry tries to invite Julian to movie night after they examine the body. Joe tells Barry that Wally is missing. H.R. shows a face modulation device to Cisco and Caitlin. Cisco accuses him of stealing his power cuffs. They find out H.R. had a shadow metahuman on his earth, called Shade. Joe finds Wally and talks to him about his nervous feeling. Caitlin admits to stealing his cuffs and shows him her powers. He vibes the future and sees a fight between himself and her, but tells Caitlin he didn’t see anything.

Caitlin and Cisco runs tests on Wally and Barry stays behind to watch him while everyone goes to the movie in the park. Wally is in the pipeline while Barry and Iris watches him. H.R. starts flirting with Joe’s date. Shade shows up at the park and Alchemy talks to Wally. Wally gets a hit of images from Alchemy and begs Iris to let him out. Barry fights Shade Cisco turns on all of the lights. Barry puts the power cuffs on him as Iris punches out Wally as he tries to leave. Cisco exposes Caitlin’s powers to the group. Barry follows her out of the room and they chat. Barry tells Caitlin that it’s his fault she has powers. Wally suggests using him to find Alchemy. Wally keeps having seizures so Joe okays Wally being bait. He gets the police involved but Julian isn’t around. Caitlin apologizes to Cisco for freaking out. They get to an abandoned warehouse and head in. Wally goes in and sees Alchemy. Flash attacks Alchemy but he fires the stone at Barry. Barry stops him with help from Joe. A speedster zips around and catches Barry as Wally touches the stone. He gets stuck in a cocoon.

I was sort of a fan of this episode until then end. I loved that ending where Salvitar attacked Flash. I’m not 100% sure how he got to Central City, but I’m excited to see. The first fifty minutes of the episode was kind of blah like a few episodes last season when something big was planned for the end. There was a fun museum easter egg and we get a preview of Vibe vs Killer Frost. Next episode is about Killer Frost so maybe they go full villain next episode? I hope not. I don’t think well get kid Flash until after the crossover. The cocoon is probably their way of give Wally a reason not to be in the crossover.

Back to the episode, I wasn’t overly thrilled with what was going on. This is the second time this season that the villain didn’t matter, which I hope doesn’t become a constant thing. H.R. is kind of growing on me, even though he’s still annoying and I hope Iris go full Guardian on us. The Caitlin stuff was great and really built up her character. I still think Julian is Alchemy. I wonder how long until we meet Wells’s partner on this earth and they have issues with H.R.’s disguise. I wonder if Alchemy is some sort of paradox since he didn’t exist in the original timeline. I did like H.R. Flirting with Joe’s date. I did also enjoy the Gorilla City reference. I think at some point this season we’ll go to Gorilla City on either Earth 2 or Earth 19. The last ten minutes is back to season one Flash levels, but not the rest of the episode. I’m giving this a 72%.


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