This episode begins with a mysterious person shooting some thugs who kidnapped a young girl. Diggle trains the team in the Arrow Cave as Oliver studies files on Prometheus. The female reporter came to visit Oliver about the new murders. She offers to take him out for a drink. Lance has an awkward run-in with Thea and gives her his letter if resignation. A group of robbers blast a hole in Star City National Bank. Diggle leads the team to the scene. All they find is a man dying on the ground blaming it on someone called Vigilante.

Thea visits Lance to try and have him come back and he shows her the throwing star. The team hits the streets looking for Vigilante. The robbers hit another bank but get into firefight with Vigilante. Green Arrow and the team stop him. Oliver has a moment of doubt with Dig and Felicity at the Arrow Cave, blaming himself for Vigilante. Thea and Lance have a chat about the throwing star and how he may be a target. The DA asks for the location of the head robber from his girlfriend. Green Arrow heads to his motel before Vigilante gets to him.
Thea brings Lance to a rehab facility. Ollie meets the reporter, Susie, for a drink. After a little talk, Ollie gets a call from Diggle about robbing a bank to draw out Vigilante. Vigilante and Green Arrow have a chat and then fight. He hits him with and arrow, tying him to a support post and then disappears in a puff of smoke. Ollie drops off the robber at the police station. Thea tells Ollie about Lance’s situation.

In the flashbacks, we get Kovar chatting with a beaten Ollie and finds the girl from last season’s mother. Kovar tells him that he made a deal with the bratva. Coming to the end of the episode, Wild Dog has Lula and John Jr. come by the Arrow Cave for JJ’s birthday. Ollie goes out with Susie for more drinks and Evelyn is working with Prometheus.

This was sort of a blah episode. We didn’t find out who Vigilante is, but I believe it is the DA. The voice is sort of uncanny and Oliver and the DA were the only ones who knew where the robbers were located. The reveal that Evelyn is working for Prometheus was a little shocking. Maybe that is a result of Flashpoint… The Lance rehab arc is drifting towards Laurel levels, which isn’t good. I like that Thea is acting as a surrogate daughter to him. They are both missing those figures in their lives so it makes sense they would bond over it. I don’t think it’s a good idea for Ollie to hook with Susie the reporter. I think that will lead to his future public unmasking. Curtis wants to be called Mr. Terrific in the field, which is a nod to his comic counterpart. I liked the friendship between Wild Dog and Diggle. The flashbacks are a little concerning. They don’t spend enough time on them. This makes me glad that this is the last season for them.

I feel like Vigilante was their response to Punisher in Daredevil Season Two. They had a sort of “Half Measure” moment. I still think Prometheus is Talia. I’m not sure why and don’t have any proof, but we know it’s someone who knows Oliver and has training like the League of Assassins. You could say it’s Nyssa, but I don’t know why she would attack him, unless Flashpoint changed that as well. Maybe Nyssa doesn’t exist and Talia is here in her place. It doesn’t seem like any of these episodes build up to the crossover, so I won’t speculate on that here. I do think Ollie will find out about Evelyn before the break, meaning the episode after the crossover. As you can see, I trying to avoid talking about this episode because I don’t have many positives. This isn’t at Season 3 or 4 levels, but it didn’t do anything constructive in terms of either as an episode or for the season as a whole. I will score this at 67%.


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