Reborn #2 begins where we left off at the end of the debut issue. Bonnie is with her father in Adystria and she is looking for her husband. Her father is adamant about holding off the search until she helps them fight Golgotha from the Dark Lands. She insists that she’ll help after she finds her husband. They take a trip to the Queen of Adystria, who is Bonnie’s best friend Estella. Due to the lack of Jesus or Heavenly gates when she arrived, Estella has lost all hope and no longer cares for anything. Without the help of the Queen, Bonnie and her father are on their own. We get a scene from The Dark Lands of Lord Golgotha and an upright standing cat, who was Bonnie’s cat that was neutered. Golgotha sends him after her.

I just need to say… the fact that the cat has a beef with Bonnie because of being neutered is hilarious. I don’t know if it was meant to be funny, but it was a great break from the seriousness of the rest of the story. Back to the meat of the tale, it was interesting to see the reaction of a believer in the biblical afterlife to this strange reality. I haven’t figured out the rhyme and reason as to why certain people are in certain positions. Maybe that will be explained in time. The art, once again, was excellent by Greg Capullo and Millar is hitting it out of the park with the writing. This issue was great, but didn’t particularly stand out with any excitement. I like where its heading, so I’ll give this issue a 95%.


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