The episode starts with a futuristic man getting killed in the old West. On the Waverider, Stein gets a strange headache and they receive an aberration alert. They save Jonah Hex from a hanging and find that Quentin Turnbull has altered history. Sara has Nate, Ray and Jax act as tax collectors and they get attacked by his men. Sara Mick, Jonah and, Maya investigate the saloon. Martin is having flashes on the Waverider, but Gideon says there is nothing wrong. Mick and Turnbull laugh and drink as Jonah barges in to collect his bounty on Turnbull . A fight ensues and the bullets used are made of ore found in a mine, that Jax, Nate and Ray found containing the same material Ray used in the Atom suit. They get away, but not before one of the special bullets breaks through Nate’s steel.

Sara interrogates Jonah about his business with Turnbull. It goes back to the town in Oklahoma that Rip left to burn. Turnbull’s gang were the ones who set it ablaze. Martin tells Jax about the memory flashes. Maya talks to Mick about the saloon. Ray helps Nate get patched up. They figure out that Turnbull is going to use the railroad to from his own country by blowing up the only route that connects the East to the West. They go to Turnbull’s camp and Sara brings Hex to him. Mick set off dynamite in the mine. Nate used his steel powers to stop the train. Hex takes off and the Waverider heads out. Martin believes that they altered something in 1987, changing his memories and Ray shows Nate a suit that he built for him before they make their way back to 2016 for the crossover.

I enjoyed this episode but, much like the civil war episode, it didn’t add much to the overall season arc. Before I go on a rant about the issues with Martin, let me give some brief thoughts. I love Hex and when ever hes in the show. This was an interesting idea where one man gets this powerful ore and essentially breaks up the United States just as its finally picking up after the Civil War. I liked the pairing in this episode. Nate and Ray were very complementary and Mick and Maya were not at first. This also showed Sara making her name as the leader of this group. It seems like Ray will get his suit up and running again. Next week is the crossover, so the winter finale is in three weeks. I feel like they’ll stay in to sort out Martin’s issue and see the formation of the Legion of Doom. Malcolm Merlyn is supposed to be joining them. Plus, Sara could help out her dad.

On to Martin’s memory issue. This is a problem I have with time travel stories. Let’s say you go back in time and do something to alter your life. That point in time would diverge from the normal timeline and create an alternate timeline, like we’ve seen on The Flash. Unfortunately, Legends doesn’t follow that same logic. The Martin that is on the Waverider is the Martin from the unaltered timeline. Let’s call him Grey. Back in 1987, Grey caused something to happen and created a diversion from his timeline. This new timeline has a new Martin that call Marty. Now Marty and Grey aren’t the same people, so when Grey returns to 2016 there would be a paradox. Two Martin’s would exist, Grey and Marty. His memories wouldn’t be changed because he is physically the same person he was before he left. Altering the timeline wouldn’t cause Grey to have his memories overwritten by Marty’s memories. That’s what was happening in the episode. If that was the case, then all of their memories would change. It’s the butterfly effect, similar to Flashpoint on The Flash. I know that might be a little too in-depth and nerdy, but it’s a pet peeve of mine when it comes to time travel. In summation, I’d score this episode at 83%.

There isn’t a new episode next week, but be on the lookout for a Crossover preview.


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