One of my favorite stories of the recent decade is “Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows” written by Dan Slott and drawn by Adam Kubert. It takes place in an alternate universe from the main Marvel Universe, where the story “One More Day” never happened. It was well received and it seems an ongoing series based on the Parker Family was ordered.

In this oversized first issue, the main story follows Peter back in action as Spider-Man fighting The Scorpion. As Pete heads home, a mysterious figure has a conversation with his assistant about Regent and his technology. Meanwhile, Pete gets home to have some love time with MJ. A they start getting busy, they hear Annie-May scream from the other room. She tries to improve her Dad’s web blasters and gets herself caught up in it.

The Parker Family gets ready for the day and Pete has to explain to Annie-May not to use her powers at school. Pete heads off to the Daily Bugle where he sells some Spidey photos to Jonah. Then, there is a sinkhole that appears at the Regent site. As Peter fights a monster and some tiny aliens, MJ shows up to help her husband in a suit he made for her. As they figure out a plan of attack, they see that Mole man has Annie.
There are two backup stories. The first was written and drawn by Anthony Holden. It’s fun little story about Pete and Annie-May spending the day together. The second story was written by Kate Leth and drawn by Marguerite Sauvage. This one involves MJ and Annie-May working on their costumes a month before the events in the main story. They have a run in with Rhino and fight him off.

I enjoyed this issue immensely. I been the biggest fan of Spidey books over the last five-six years. I know a lot of people love Slott’s run on Spider-Man. I am not one of those people. This was a nice story that reminded me why I love Spidey. With Gerry Conway writing the story, it had an old school feel to it. I loved the art by Ryan Stegman.

Some people might hate that MJ has joined Pete and Annie-May, but I like the family team aspect. I want to see how the team relationship develops. It’s also kinda funny that he has a sidekick when he was created to be an anti-sidekick, being a teenage hero on his own. The side stories were funny, especially the first one. These smaller stories work, unlike the Bulk and Skull stories in “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers”. I can’t wait for the second issue. Although I loved this one, I do wish they gave a little more information on the mysterious figure and if he had something to do with the sinkhole. I’ll give this issue a 93%.


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