jwt-supergirlKara, Alex, James and Winn talk at the underground bar about Guardian. Mon-El is trapped in a Cadmus facility and as he escapes he sees J’onn being threatened and decides to give up. In the next scene, we see J’onn at the DEO talking the M’gann and hallucinating of his family. Guardian goes after a bad guy and gets information out of him, and then leaves him hanging upside down. Another masked vigilante comes and shoots the thug. Now James and Winn are being blamed for the murder. J’onn talks to Kara about seeing his family. Guardian and the Killer face off and the police go after Guardian as Supergirl gets a message from Cadmus about having Mon-El. When she gets there, she finds the real Hank Henshaw alive and well. They fight and we see the Hank has become Cyborg Superman.

Winn tells Alex that James is guardian and she goes to Maggie and asks for her to stop going after Guardian. Supergirl is locked up with Mon-El and must solar flare to save him. J’onn asks Alex to run some tests on him after seeing a white Martian. Winn deduced who the killer Vigilante is, a former Navy Seal whose wife was killed by someone who was released on a technicality. Cadmus takes Kara’s blood and she gets thrown back in her cell. Jeremiah Danvers shows up and let’s them out. J’onn finds out from the blood test that M’gann is a White Martian and confronts her.

Jeremiah helps get the lead bullet out of Mon-El leg and helps the aliens escape. Martian Manhunter attacks the White Martian but M’gann refuses to fight. Guardians stops the killer and the cops clear him of the charges. When Kara and Mon-El get back to the DEO, she tells Alex about Jeremiah but Cadmus was gone before she could find him. M’gann, locked up at the DEO, warns J’onn that he is turning into a White Martian because of the blood transfusion and Mon-El starts getting feelings for Kara. Maggie comes by and apologies to Alex for how she’s treated her and Cyborg Superman uses Kara’s blood to access the Fortress of Solitude, asking about Medusa.

This was a very interesting episode. It was jam packed with information. I’m not sure if that is because they essentially lose an episode because of the crossover next week, even though it begins at the end. Anyway, the positives were aplenty. I like the ongoing storyline between Alex and Maggie. It wasn’t as in-your-face this episode, but I’m glad they included it with subtly. I enjoyed the Cadmus stuff with Cyborg Superman and Jeremiah. These reveals are usually left until the midseason finale, which begs the question: what are we in store for after the crossover and next week even? I liked the scenes with Mon-El and Kara and J’onn and M’gann. The Martian fight was awesome. Was J’onn being unreasonable? Maybe, but I think he was perfect in his reaction. This was a race that killed his family and exterminated his people and he has one in his sights, basically willing to have him get his frustrations out. I’m also curious as to what will happen between Lena and Supergirl now that Kara knows that Cadmus lady is her mother.

For the negatives and I think you know what it is… Guardian. I am not liking this storyline at all. This was smelling like Laurel to me and now completely reeks of her. If this season goes down the tubes, it will be because of Guardian. I don’t know why they decided to do this and frankly, it’s ridiculous. He has no training except for a black belt, but the black belt can’t help you repel with a wrist grappler. Plus, the suit is made of lead… he is going to be dead soon, if this was based in reality. Lead poisoning anyone? Plus, a solid lead suit probably weighs twice his body weight. I don’t see him with a bodybuilder’s physique. I really hope they end this soon. The only good thing that got teased with the whole vigilante thing is that Superman used to work with one and it didn’t end well. We also had a Gotham City tease in the first episode of the season. Does this mean there was a Batman at some point and he died? Will we ever find out? Probably not…

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. Not as much as the first two, due to the Guardian nonsense. I am wondering what they will do next week before the crossover. Will we get any explanation as to why Barry and Cisco are there? Will there be a goodbye scene before she journeys to Earth-1? There’s been rumors that the actual crossover doesn’t start until the end of the episode… With all those questions up in the air, Let me score the episode. I would give this a 90%.


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