The episode starts where the last ended with Savitar attacking The Flash. H.R. suggests that Cisco and Caitlin take a breach over to the waterfront where Barry stopped. Caitlin froze Savitar as Cisco suffered from a headache. Back at Star Labs, Caitlin checks in on Wally’s cocoon. Joe heads off to find out how to get Wally out of the cocoon and Barry blames himself for what’s happened. Joe interrogates one of Alchemy’s disciples. Caitlin shows up at the interrogation room and tells Joe that Wally is out of the cocoon. He runs off and Caitlin stays to find out where Alchemy is hiding.

Caitlin tortures the suspect when the police show up. She takes off but Julian sees her. She takes him to a frozen food warehouse. She makes him search for Alchemy and Savitar on the internet. Barry finds out from an officer at the station, played by Greg Grunberg. Julian sends the police a message, but Barry gets there first and tries talk to Caitlin, but Killer Frost is taking over. She tells Cisco that his brother was alive before Flashpoint and says Barry keeps screwing with their lives. The police show up and open fire. Barry whisks her away, but she stabs his leg with an icicle.

Back at Star Labs, Cisco is angry at Barry but, he still searches for Caitlin. Cisco goes after one acolyte as Joe and H.R. go after another. Barry and Iris stay with Wally and see that Caitlin showed up at the house Cisco was watching. Caitlin attacks the man inside and he tells her that Alchemy is just a follower of Savitar and he showed them the future where Caitlin is Killer Frost. She goes outside to confront Cisco and they have a fight before Barry shows up. She trips him up and then kisses him, causing his body to freeze. Cisco hits Caitlin with his vibe powers and tells Barry to vibrate to get warm.

They lock up Killer Frost in the pipeline. After Caitlin blames Barry for everything, everyone turns on him. Joe cuts Wally out of the cocoon and there is an explosion, leaving Wally vibrating in place and then he leaves. Barry lets Caitlin out because they need her help. He says that to leave, she must kill him. She can’t and turns back into Caitlin Snow. Together, they find Wally and give him a serum Caitlin concocted. He faints into Joe’s arms and they bring him back to Star Labs to test his speed. Barry talks to Cisco, but they don’t seem to be on the same page. Barry begs Julian not to turn Caitlin in. In return, Julian asks for Barry to resign. Barry packs his stuff as Joe and Iris come in. Julian gets a visit from Savitar and we see he is Alchemy.

I. KNEW. IT. Not to toot my own horn, but I called alchemy from the beginning. Thanks for being formulaic, The Flash. Anyway, I enjoyed this episode, which was directed by Kevin Smith. The negative is that they crammed way too much into this one episode, instead of spacing it over this and the previous one. They used that horrible villain of the week, shade, and saved all the good stuff for the episode the Kevin Smith was going to direct. I would still put last season’s “The Runaway Dinosaur” over this episode. This lacked the emotional impact for me. Maybe it’s because this season has been a step back overall for the series. Wally becoming Kid Flash was done too quickly. I would’ve liked him to stay in the cocoon until the midseason finale. There was no inclination towards the crossover. I thought we would’ve gotten a tease or something.

The positives are that they are finally dealing with Barry’s constant need to fix everything and in turn screwing it all up. I enjoyed Caitlin’s semi heel turn this episode. I can’t wait until she becomes a full-fledged villain. I also enjoyed the dynamic between Joe and H.R. I also like the drama between Cisco and Barry. I do wonder how that is going to play in the crossover. This seemed more like a midseason finale, but there is another week of episodes after the crossover, so I wonder how they are filling that episode. Overall, I wanted to love this episode, but I didn’t. I was good and I liked it, but it’s a victim to the season thus far. Because of how they timed the crossover, they couldn’t spend too long on Flashpoint and had to reintroduce the current reality before having this massive event. It’s also because of how Network TV works. The election, debates, late start time for the season, and thanksgiving all messed up how this season should’ve gone. There is a fantastic idea in there, but it seems like they just lost themselves in planning. I would score this around a 77%.



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