Nightwing issue #9 starts with the title character fighting alongside Wally, Donna, and Arsenal against robots. They find a skeleton man in a warehouse, where more robots kill Nightwing’s friends. He awakes screaming at the Titans Loft in Gotham City. Nightwing looks back on all the events that occurred since putting the suit back on, when superman shows up. At the Fortress of Solitude, Dick and Clark talk about each of their universes and an artifact called the Materioptikon. The weapon is used by Dr. Destiny, the man that was in Dick’s dream. Clark says that the Dick of his world was one of his closest friends and wants to help this Dick fight Dr. Destiny.

Superman travels to the Dreamscape, using a machine, where Dick is playing volleyball with Helena and Tiger. Destiny shows with his robots and kills his friends again. To combat Destiny, Superman brings Nightwing to Bludhaven. This world’s Dick had never been there, Batman, Robin and Batgirl were fighting below and sense of calm fell over him. When the robots appear, one hits Superman with Kryptonite and he realizes that Destiny feeds off anxieties and compassion. As Dick fights Destiny, Superman tells him to close his eyes and think of a best-case scenario. New 52 Superman and Red Robin appear to help him. To fight Destiny, he calls in every friend he could think of and defeats Dr. Destiny. In the real world, Dick and Clark find Dr. Destiny with Kobra. The Justice League arrives to search for answers. Clark tells Dick that he is the multiverse constant and Dick suggests to Batman that they do some sightseeing in Bludhaven.

I loved this issue. It’s a one-off story, but it really builds on my thoughts from my last review. Dick Grayson is the key to the multiverse. I also enjoyed the Superman/Nightwing team up. It reminded me of “Nightwing: Year One”, when Supes suggested Nightwing based on a hero from Krypton. I thought that the art was refreshingly different with Marcio Takara, instead of series regular artist Javier Fernandez. This was also a tightly written story by Tim Steely. It was more accustomed to his skill set than previous issues. It seems like all the rebirth writers have their best game when incorporating the overarching rebirth story arc. With as many positives, the negatives would be the dialogue is clunky at times and the Dreamscape is never really explained. This has, probably, been my favorite issue of this series so far. I’ll score this at 88%.


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