Below, there will be discussion about the upcoming crossover and clips and trailers shown about those episodes. This means there will be SPOILERS. If speculation is a form of spoiler for you, please read at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any spoiling that occurs.

SPOILERS follow…

Starting November 28, The CW crossover event begins on “Supergirl” and continues all week through all the DC TV shows on the network. Heroes vs Aliens uses a race of extraterrestrials, The Dominators, as the main antagonist. This is the first time that the Arrowverse uses aliens as the villain on Earth-1. Because of this, Barry and Cisco go to Supergirl’s Earth, using a breech, and bring her back with them to help fight this new threat. From what I can see in these clips and trailers, “Supergirl” will be a Thanksgiving episode and She’ll be doing all the travelling at the end of the episode. This was also what EP Andrew Keisberg had said earlier in the fall.

Moving on to “The Flash”, we haven’t heard much information about what this episode will entail. I am going to assume it will be the set-up episode for the crossover, where we get those interesting introductions like between Kara and Mick Roy. We do know, however, that “Arrow” will showcase past cast members who have passed or have not been on recently. This will be its 100th episode and seems to be on the same idea as the “Batman: The Animated Series” episode “Perchance to Dream” where Bruce wakes up in a world where he never became Batman, his parents were alive and he was engaged to Selena Kyle aka Catwoman. I don’t expect it to end in the same way, but it does seem like both of his parents and Laurel are alive in this dream world or alternate reality and Deathstroke shows up. It does seem they are setting up a fantastic episode, other than the rest of this season.

Finally, the last episode is on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” where we’ve already seen in them head back to 2016 in the previous episode. It seems like they don’t go back to the time they left, but appear in real time. This should negate anymore traveling to the time they left because if they do and stay, then there will be a big discrepancy in their time travel rules. I will have a bigger discussion on the time travel issues after the midseason finales because I do have some issues with how it differs from show to show. Anyway, this will be the wrap up episode.

I do have some questions. Will we see the Legion of Doom? Probably not. It seems like the main story will be on the Dominators. Although, we may get some teases or discussion about them. The legends may even ask Barry about the time traveling Speedster or the Firestorm duo may say something about the message from old Barry. Also, they will find out that Rip Hunter is dead. So, I’m not sure why he sends his message to Rip. Does this change the message? Is this a tease that Rip comes back? I don’t know.

Will Cisco spend any time on Supergirl’s Earth? I’m going to guess probably not, but we do know that the CW loves their filler. Will we find out why Martian Manhunter and Superman don’t leave with her? Hopefully, we will hear them say something like Superman must pull double duty with both Metropolis and National City. I don’t imagine Superman showing up because I think his next appearance is episode 20 or something. I hope we do see more of this sickness with J’onn and maybe Mon-El and possibly M’gann team up to assist the DEO. I hope we take a break from Guardian. I absolutely hate that idea and storyline.

Will we see Slade when Deathstroke shows up? I don’t think so. We haven’t seen anything about Manu Bennett showing up on the set. He is also on a different show right now, “The Shannara Chronicles” on MTV. This may just be a situation where Deathstroke shows up, but not Slade. That would be a bummer because I love Slade on “Arrow” and this version of the character. My final question is will “The Flash” and “Arrow” finally come back to a better quality with less focus by the showrunners on the crossover? I really, really hope so, but once again I don’t think it will. I’m not sure if the better writers are being used on “Supergirl” and “Legends” to get more people to get onboard those shows, similar to what seemed to happen with “The Flash” season one and “Arrow” season three.

To sum this up, I am extremely excited about this upcoming crossover. Maybe someone will die. Maybe Supergirl will cross the streams a little more. This is a very important week for not only DC TV shows, but for superhero shows in general. It may bring in the comics way of story structure and feel, while getting more viewers interested in these kinds of shows or events. Just as a reminder, “Supergirl” will be November 28th, “The Flash” will be November 29th, “Arrow” will be November 30th and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” on December 1st. Please come back the next day, after the show airs, for my review of each episode.


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