jwt-supergirlIt’s Thanksgiving at Kara’s apartment with Kara and Alex’s mom joining the gang. When Alex was trying to tell her mom about her recent life choice, a breech opened in her kitchen. Kara then moves on to Cadmus and interviewing Lena to see if she slips about her mom. Mon-El goes to the underground bar and gets into a fight with Cyborg Superman, but Hank set off a smoke bomb inside, killing some aliens. Mon-El is quarantined and Alex suggests bringing her mom in to help. Lena and her mom talked at L Corp and Lena says Kara knows something, without naming names. Kara plays Monopoly with Mon-El and they have an awkward exchange before he goes unconscious. Dr. Danvers analyzed Mon-El and Kara realizes that they’ve used her blood to get into the Fortress of Solitude. At the Fortress, she’s attacked by the robot when she gets there. She destroys the robot and finds out about project Medusa. Her father made a deadly virus that affects any non Kryptonians.

Alex has a hard time telling her mom that she’s gay, but her mom accepts her. After a nice conversation, J’onn has another White Martian incident. He tells Kara about the situation, but insists that the focus be on the virus. Supergirl heads to L Corp, where Cyborg Superman is there to steal a device. Another breech appears, distracting everyone, before Cyborg Superman hits Maggie with a laser beam as the police arrive. Supergirl goes back to Lena’s office and confronts her about her mother. Alex patches Maggie up and discusses her sexuality situation. Mon-El wakes up and talks to and kisses Kara. Lena knows about the Medusa virus and wants to help her mother. Supergirl and J’onn go to stop Cadmus from launching the virus. Kara goes after the missile while J’onn fights Cyborg Superman. J’onn transforms into a Martian Manhunter/White Martian hybrid. Lena double crossed her mother and the virus was inert. Cyborg Superman got away and the police came for mama Luthor. The m Medusa virus was reengineered to help Mon-El and J’onn. Mon-El is unaware of their kids. Maggie showed up at Alex’s apartment and kisses Alex. Barry and Cisco show up in Kara’s apartment and ask for her help…

To be continued on “The Flash”

I loved this episode. I feel like a broken record with that phrase, but in a good way. I like holiday episodes, but this was a little too short for my liking. I would’ve liked Thanksgiving to play into the plot a little more. I was also expecting Barry to only show up in the last minute or so and he did. I think it would’ve been great if as Hank/Cyborg Superman said who’s coming to save you Barry comes flying out of the breech and helps Kara take him out. I loved that Guardian was nowhere to be found and I liked the Alex stuff, especially with her hooking up with Maggie. It wasn’t the normal “will they, won’t they”, which was refreshing. The fights between Mon-El and Hank, Kara and Hank and J’onn and Hank were fantastic. The action and effects were on point. Sometimes the effects on the CW get a little wonky, like on “The Flash”, but these are excellent. The Cadmus stuff was interesting. I was on the fence as to whether they’d have Lena turn evil and she didn’t… for now. I don’t think she will, though. I hope this ends the Cadmus as Anonymous videos. That was a little much at times.

Let’s move to the last 45 seconds and “The Flash”. Barry and Cisco bring Kara to their earth to fight the Dominators. The true first part of the crossover starts on “The Flash”. As I thought, only Kara will be involved in the fight but there wasn’t any pomp and circumstance with her leaving, unless that will be shown next. I don’t think it will though. I expect the next crossover episode to start with Barry finding the Alien ship and Cisco making a breech to go get Kara. They should’ve just left that 45 seconds for “The Flash”. Anyway, the crossover should be interesting. The score for this episode is 97%. This may have been my favorite episode. It looks like next week is a double feature of episodes 1 and 2, so this was the midseason finale, which is what this felt like. If you have seen those episode, then come back and read my reviews after you watch.


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