The episode began with a flashforward of Barry and Ollie facing off against Speedy and the Legends. Back to Star Labs 10 hours earlier, Barry and the team are testing out Wally’s powers when a meteor flies towards Central City. Barry runs to the crash site and finds out its an alien ship. Lyla meets Barry at the crash site and debriefs Team Flash about The Dominators. They appeared in the 50s and tested on humans. The government received a message before the ship crashed. Lyla wants Barry to sit it out, but instead goes to Star City and talks to Team Arrow after saving them from Vigilante. They head to a hanger that Star Labs owns and calls the Legends. Meanwhile, Barry and Cisco head to Earth-38 and we see the scene from the last episode of Supergirl. They come back and assemble everyone in the hanger.

Everyone tries to pick a leader, but Ollie decides that Barry should be leader. Ray and Cisco have a little nerd out and Ray tells Barry about Snart. Iris tells Wally that he can’t train with them. The Firestorm boys show Barry and Ollie the message from Future Barry. Barry tells them about Flashpoint. Martin has flashes again and asks Caitlin to take him home. The Legends train against Supergirl. At a meeting with Argus, the aliens take the President. Wally and Joe talk in Star Labs about his test results. Wally asks HR to train him, but he refuses. Stein and Caitlin get to his house. They see his daughter who is the woman in the flashes. Cisco finds the future message and demands that Barry tell the team. They all get upset with Barry and Ollie stay behind with him as the team goes to save the president.

At the warehouse, Kara sees the president with her x-ray vision. There’s a fun exchange with Kara and Mick before they head inside. It was a trap and the Dominators hit Kara, Speedy and the Legends with a red beam. Barry shows Ollie the future room from season one of “The Flash” and the article isn’t written by Iris anymore. The team shows up as Ollie gives him a pep talk and attacks Star Labs. Barry and Ollie fight their friends and Wally decides to help, but gets hit by Supergirl. Felicity and Cisco find the signal and Barry races Supergirl to the salt mines. Ollie brings an unconscious Wally back to the lab and fights off Dig, Speedy and Sara. HR agrees to train Wally, after he wakes up, and the team loses the mind control. As the team relaxes, everyone except Barry gets beamed up to the Dominator ship…

To be continued on “Arrow”

Let me get the fanboying out of the way first… AH! This was so awesome. I was freaking out with these characters all in one room. This more than makes up for the movies. And… THE HALL OF JUSTICE!!!!

Okay… I’m calm. Now to the critiquing… This was clearly the first act of this crossover, making it all set up. That sort of brings the score down a bit as an individual episode. It continued the Barry and Cisco issue, which makes sense but was a little too in your face considering the issue at hand. I thought it was interesting to expose the recording to the group. If it wasn’t Arrow’s 100th episode, that probably could’ve been something saved until the second episode. I would’ve liked, at least, most of the episode to have them rally behind Barry as the leader and then have this as a betrayal. The pacing was a bit off, but didn’t ruin the episode. I continue to have issues with the Martin memory problems, but I’ll wait until after next week’s “Legends” episode to air my grievances.

My favorite moment was the conversation between Kara and Mick. It was such a great exchange and made me laugh. Mick Roy is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. I was a little disappointed in the use of Sara in this episode, but someone had to take a back seat. We had seen the “She’s hot” scene in the trailers, but it didn’t have the pop I thought it would have. The race between Kara and Barry again was fun and made for an awesome fight scene, as well as Ollie vs Sara. There was a lot going on, but it didn’t feel overstuffed. The Wally stuff was good, but it’s odd that HR wants to train him since he has no experience doing this. I hope at some point we get Harry and Jesse back and maybe they train him and help him. Overall, it moved some Flash stuff along as well as set up the crossover. I’m going to score this at an 81%. Not the strongest episode, but I loved it.


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