After showing what happened on “The Flash”, The next crossover episode starts with Ollie giving his fiancée, Laurel, a towel in the shower and then cut to him on the alien ship. Felicity and Cisco get back to the Arrow Cave and meet Ollie’s team. Cisco vibes and realizes the missing heroes are on the ship. He gives Curtis and Felicity a piece of the ship from Central City to hack. We also see more of the dream world with Ollie being saved by the Green Arrow. As he is in the mansion, Ollie gets flashes of his real life. He goes to see Quentin and asks about the Hood. Ollie continues to get flashes and goes to the Arrow Cave where he finds Diggle as the Hood and Felicity helping him. Meanwhile at the rehearsal dinner, Sara sees Ray and they have some flashes on each other.

In the real world, Felicity and Curtis fry a device and decide that they need help. Flash and Supergirl show up to help but Wild Dog isn’t a fan of Metahumans or Aliens. In the dream world, Diggle and Ollie have more flashes, but he tells Ollie to leave. Ollie shows up at the mansion and apologies to Laurel for missing the rehearsal dinner. Dig shows up and talks to Ollie about seeing things and the visions, then Deathstroke shows up in the Queen’s Garden. They fight Deathstroke and Sara shows up, saving them. Sara has more flashes and they realize Ray and Thea are part of their group.

In the real world, Flash saves Wild dog from the woman who took the device they need. Supergirl and Flash knock her out and Curtis takes the regulator. Thea doesn’t want to leave the dream world. Ollie tries convinced her to go, but she decides to stay. Changing her mind, Thea shows up as Deathstroke, Merlyn and Darhk line up to fight. After the fight, they say goodbye to Laurel and head to Smoak Industries. Inside, they walk through a portal and wake up on a space ship. Felicity and the team figure out by deciphering code by the aliens that their friends are on the alien ship. They escape on a smaller ship and the Waverider picked them up. Sara brought Diggle to get fixed by Gideon and Nate and Ray figure out that the Dominators are heading towards Earth for an attack.

To be continued on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”

So, this episode had a lot going on. It was not only part of the crossover event, essentially act 2, but it was also the 100th episode of “Arrow”. One hundred episodes is a big achievement in television because most shows don’t make it that far and it allows for syndication opportunities. “Arrow” is already being syndicated on TNT. For this special episode, they made Oliver go through his own version of “Perchance to Dream”. That is a reference to “Batman: The Animated Series” where Bruce lives a life in which his parents are alive, he’s engaged to Selena Kyle and he isn’t Batman. Like that episode, his mind is being tricked into seeing this perfect world. This is a great concept for the 100th episode.

Unfortunately, it struggled to keep up with the idea of a crossover. We get mostly Oliver’s crew and people who started on the show like Ray and Sara and just a few moments with Flash and Supergirl with nothing from Firestorm and Mick. It felt more like an interlude than a second act. They maybe shouldn’t have had the 100th episode be part of the crossover. I did however enjoy seeing all the old character, except for Tommy and Slade. Even though Deathstroke is there, we never see Manu Bennett. We do get a force ghost version of Tommy, but it was kinda lame. The end of the episode felt out of place and a little rushed. I would’ve liked something else for Ollie and the non-metahumans to do. Maybe on the ship, they could’ve had them wake up earlier and do some reconnaissance. They could’ve had Prometheus be involved in the dream world thing and make it the midseason finale.

The next episode of the crossover seems to be all payoff and a battle in the 50s. I have a bad feeling that this will rip apart the timeline logic. Overall, I loved the Dream Sequence but not the crossover part. The Wild Dog hate felt forced and a one-two punch from Barry and Kara is all we got this episode. I’m going to score this pretty low, simply for the fact that it didn’t balance out the crossover with the 100th episode arc. I’ll give this episode a 68%.


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