The final episode of the crossover starts as the Superfriends discuss an incident from the 1950s and decides to split up. Ollie takes Kara aside and tells her that she has to stay behind because she is an unknown quantity… and he doesn’t trust her. Cisco and Felicity join Mick, Nate and Maya on the Waverider and travel to 1951. Stein tries to figure out an equation when his daughter walks in with Caitlin and tells him that she went MIT. He reluctantly allows her to help. Mick and team wait to see which alien they can kidnap and bring back to 2016 with them. Felicity gets Cisco to open a bit about Barry, but he’s still mad. One alien was left behind and the Legends go after it. Stein and his daughter sit and work on the project, but he freaks out. He tells Caitlin about not having a daughter and he vows to fix the timeline.

Back in the 50s, a group of suits knock out the Legends and take them and the alien. Cisco and Felicity decide to go after them. In their cell, Nate and Maya can’t use their powers. In 2016, Ollie, Barry, Sara and Ray wait for the new president, but the man in charge of ARGUS shows up. In 1951, the Legends talk somewhat with the alien. As the men in suits walk in, we see that the man in the past and from ARGUS are the same. The two groups fight, leaving the ARGUS leader. He tells Barry that the aliens and himself see Barry as a threat. In 1951, Cisco and Felicity save the Legends and decide to go save the alien. The Dominator flies away on the ship from last episode and Cisco shows Felicity a communicator he took from their ship. The ARGUS leader says Barry is the reason why the Dominators are back. If Barry gives himself up, the Dominators will leave.

The Waverider returns to 2016 and the alien calls on the communicator. It says it’ll spare their lives for Barry or they will eradicate the earth. As the team discusses, the Dominators move ships into position around the world. Cisco and Nate vibe onto the ship and talk to the alien. He says that the possibility is there for men like the leader of ARGUS to gain abilities. Cisco says they changed thing by going back to 1951 and realizes they are to blame. Stein has a talk with his daughter before they figure out the answer to the problem. Barry makes the decision to turn himself over. Ollie says they won’t let him leave. Cisco tells Barry that he’s his friend. Jax and Sara walk in to say the ship over central city is opening. The ships were a diversion for the Dominators to drop the bomb.

Sara and Cisco fly the Waverider up to the mother ship as the Superfriends fight the Dominators on a rooftop. Supergirl saves Ollie as he falls off the roof and he shoots the nanotech onto one of the aliens. Firestorm works on getting rid of the bomb as the Dominators below retreat. The new president gives the Superfriends an honor at the base. They celebrate afterwards. Cisco gives Kara a small breech device so she can come to their earth whenever she wants. Martin and Jax talk about his daughter. Mr. Smith from Argus is told be Supergirl that he’s been reassigned to Antarctica. Ollie and Sara look back on getting on the boat as Supergirl leaves. Barry and Ollie go out for a drink and realize they wouldn’t want to change their lives.

So, that was a lot going on for a third act. It really wasn’t a third act since they started introducing new information to the story, like going back to the 50s. The beginning felt like a continuation of “The Flash” episode with the Superfriends back in the lookalike Hall of Justice, instead of being aboard the Waverider. They should’ve went to 1951 after they picked up Ollie and the others. The 50s stuff really should have happened while Ollie and Crew were in the alien ship/dream world from the last episode. It felt more like a reset for the “Legends of Tomorrow” focus. The constant back and forth between 1951 and 2016 was giving me a headache, but seem like they were trying to show a relationship between the actions in the past compared to the results in the future. I was very disappointed in most of the first half of the episode. The pacing was off and parts were confusing. The Cisco and Barry issue got resolved too quickly. I was also not a fan of Mr. Smith, the ARGUS guy. His acting was very bad and wooden.

The last part was exciting with the big battle and the fight against the Dominators. Some fun little references like Ray saying Kara looks like his cousin. Brandon Routh played Superman in “Superman Returns”. Sara does a “she’s hot” line again about the new president that landed a little better than the other one. The breech device, that Cisco gave Kara, leaves the door open for the musical crossover later in the season between Flash and Supergirl. I also enjoyed the end with Ollie and Barry having a beer. It was a nice end to this event.

I will score both this episode and the crossover in general. The final episode of the crossover was hit and miss and very off balanced. I’m going to score this episode as a 65%. It left a lot to be desired. I still enjoyed it but it wasn’t how I thought they would finish this great event. The crossover as whole is a bit tricky. If you read my other reviews, you notice that each episode’s score declines. As I watched this last episode, I was thinking in my head how I’d re-cut the three to give a great crossover story. Despite my dissatisfaction with the individual episodes, I really enjoyed watching this crossover. Maybe it’s the fanboy in me loving the fact that something DC was going right for a change. After some thought, I won’t just average my three or four scores. The Supergirl episode would unfairly tip the scales since the crossover part was only a minute long in that episode. I’ll score the crossover at an even 80%.


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