As the clock counted down, Rita and Black Dragon readied the Rangers’ Zords to attack the world’s armies. The all Green Power Rangers teleported to Paris and got into their Zords. Without the ability to morph, Tommy controlled the Dragonzord using the dragon dagger. Black Dragon was able to retain power over the Triceratops. Billy and Goldar looked on from the dark dimension. Using the logic of an enemy of my enemy is my friend, Goldar helps Billy get out of the Dark Dimension and he teleports to Tommy’s location. In the Dark Dimension, Billy noticed that Black Dragon was just a mecha and that there is an escape hatch on its neck. They were teleported to the Black Dragon’s world, but he is on a throne dressed in a Rangers uniform.

This was a great action issue wilhile giving a great reveal that you wouldn’t see coming. Once again, Kyle Higgins knocked the writing out of the park. I continue to enjoy Hendry Prasetya’s art. I’m just skipping Steve Orlandi’s side story. It’s just so bad, it’s really degrading to the rest of the comic. They need to drop it soon.

Where does the story go from here? I’m not sure, but since he’s a ranger or an apparent ranger he must be hooked into the morphing grid somehow. I would suspect that the other four rangers on Earth will find alpha and get Zordon back so that they can teleport to the world Billy and Tommy are located. Black Dragon’s true form looks to be come combination of the White and Green Power coins. Could this be the inspiration for making the White Ranger? I don’t know, but for now I give this issue a score of 100%. I don’t give those out often, but I couldn’t find any negatives with the issue excluding the side story.


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