Trinity #3 starts with the trio in Gotham the night the Waynes dies, the night Batman was born. Bruce watched from a rooftop as they died all over again. In the Barn, Lois plows through the door with the truck thinking that Jon was in there. Back in the dream world, we see young Bruce talking to Dr. Quinzel and receiving medication. We get a shot of who looks to be Scarecrow giving Bruce hallucinations. As a result, both Bruce and Alfred fall out of the window of Wayne Tower. The Trinity save them and older Bruce tells his younger self that his parents death isn’t his fault. On another rooftop, Bruce reflects in why he went to dinner. He blamed himself for Tim’s death. Clark and Diana reassure him that he isn’t responsible. In the real world, Lois charges the truck towards Poison Ivy, holding Jon.

Francis Manapul is back writing the story, but he isn’t drawing anymore. That goes to Craig Mann. They do have different art styles and it shows. It’s not that Mann’s is worse, just different. Anyway, the story was pretty good. I like the idea of Bruce comforting himself, but why was Scarecrow there and how does Ivy have them in this dream state? This provided more questions than answers. Are they on a different Earth? Is this just their subconscious? It’s a little murky. That lowers the score a bit. I didn’t mind that it posed more questions. There just weren’t any answers really. I’ll go with an 84%.


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