This episode starts with Julian on an archaeological site finding the stone. The team is at Star Labs as HR decorates for Christmas. Cisco begins seeing visions if his brother as he tracks down information on Alchemy’s stone. They find out Julian wrote a paper on it and Barry questions him about it at the station. Meanwhile, Jay Garrick is fighting the Trickster on Earth-3 when Barry swoops in and helps. Jay comes back with him and they discuss Savitar. Jay and Barry find out Alchemy is Conjuring up Savitar and go fight him. Jay fight Savitar as Barry takes care of Alchemy. Barry stops Alchemy just as Savitar was going to kill Jay. Barry finds out Julian is Savitar and locks him up in the pipeline.

Wally spills the beans that HR was training Wally and Joe happy about it. Barry shows Julian that he’s the Flash and he opens up about the philosopher’s Stone and Cisco sees his brother again. He convinced him to open the box with the stone in it and Savitar is let loose. Barry fights him but Jay is still hurt. Wally teams up with Barry and fight the speed god until Caitlin convince Cisco to close the box. They devise a plan to throw the box into the speed force. Barry siphons energy from Jay as they create a breach in the pipeline, but Barry gets flung into the future. In this future, He watched Savitar kill Iris. Jay brings Barry back and explains that he saw the future. The team figures they stopped alchemy and goes back to the west house to celebrate Christmas. Joe kisses his girlfriend, Julian shows up to the party, Wally gets his Kid Flash suit and Barry shows Iris their new apartment.

Let me start with this. Why does Barry even wear a mask? Savitar and the Dominators knew he was the Flash. Now he shows Julian that he’s the Flash. It getting ridiculous. Anyway, I really liked this episode and this may be my favorite episode of the season, which isn’t saying much. I loved that we got to see Jay go against the Trickster, but I wish we could’ve seen more of Mark Hamill. I loved that he was sort of dressed like the Joker. I thought Wally was more likable in this episode. I’m glad we are starting to move away from the Flashpoint stuff. They royally screwed the pooch on that this season.

I’m starting to wonder if Savitar is someone we’ve met or if we will see Barry go further into the future and see who Savitar is. The three predictions that Savitar made are interesting. I’m guessing the death is Iris. The betrayal might not be as obvious. You would think it’s Caitlin, but I’m gonna go with Cisco. He’s still moppy and I feel like he’s going to do a heel turn. With the one who will fall, I’m not so sure. Maybe it’s Caitlin. I feel like the first act was too packed and the third act was a little too celebratory. Overall, I’ll score this at 87%.

New episodes start on January 24th. Check back for some Flash predictions and my feelings about the season so far.


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