“Arrow” began with a little Christmas celebration at the Arrow Cave and Evelyn chatting with Prometheus. At a City Hall Christmas Party, Curtis gets attacked by Prometheus in front of his husband. In the hospital, Billy reveals to Felicity that he knows that Curtis is working with the Green Arrow. Ollie finds out that Curtis was poisoned with a drug that he was familiar with back in season one, when he was still the Hood. They go to a factory where the drug was manufactured and he fights Prometheus. Evelyn appears and aims her arrow at Ollie.

Back at the Arrow Cave, he has everyone put in a safe House. As Billy is investigating a lead, Prometheus takes him captive. Ollie and Speedy go out looking for the place that is holding Billy. Ollie noticed that the building is the same as one from four years ago. The man in the flashback made an outbreak of tuberculosis and jacked up the price of the meds. Ollie killed him and know Prometheus wants revenge. As Ollie fights him, he confuses Billy with Prometheus and kills him. He goes back to the Arrow Cave with a heavy heart. As He visits his girlfriend, Felicity mourns for Billy. Curtis’s husband leaves him and Dig gets surrounded as he checks on Lyla and John Jr. As Oliver gets back to the Arrow Cave, he finds someone standing there. It’s Laurel.

This was a great episode until the final moments. I’m also surprised by how much I liked the flashbacks. It brings you back to season one and reminds you of how good the show once was. I liked that Billy is off the show because he was not a very good character and didn’t help the overall plot. I’m also glad that they didn’t do a Cisco/Barry type if situation between Ollie and Felicity. The beginning with the double date comment was a little much. It also seems like they want you to believe that the girlfriend reporter is Prometheus because anyone trained in Russia have to own Russian Vodka.

The ending is what ruins it for me, if that is indeed Laurel. I’m hoping that it is Earth-2 Laurel, aka Black Siren. How would she have gotten out of the pipeline? Not sure. Maybe Flashpoint changed it as she was let out or maybe she helped take down Zoom. But if it truly is Laurel, this show just cancelled itself. There is no way she could be alive, not even Flashpoint could change that. They were there when she died. These characters are living in the Post Flashpoint universe, so it isn’t a Barry/Martin thing where they caused an aberration. So… Scoring Time. With all of these points considered, I’ll give this episode an 81%.


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