“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” starts with Ray and Nate sparring and Martin thinking about his newly created daughter. The Legion of Doom, consisting of Merlyn, Thawne and Darhk, helps Al Capone take out Elliot Ness and become Mayor. The Legends travel to 1920s Chicago and stop this from happening. They saved Ness, but exposed themselves to the Legion in the process. The team goes undercover at Capone’s club to find his ledger. The plan backfires when Thawne kidnaps Martin and Sara. On the Waverider, Mick sees hallucinations of Snart, but still decides to lead the team on retrieving their teammates. They steal the liquor truck headed to Capone’s hideout. Tied up, Merlyn gives Sara a chance at bringing back her sister and stopping the Queen’s gambit from being destroyed.

Sara refuses and Martin tells her about his daughter, Lily. Capone’s thugs come back and take Martin to torture. The team finds both Sara and Martin and bring them back to the Waverider. Inside the Waverider, Jax realizes there is something wrong with Martin and finds out that it’s really Thawne in disguise. Thawne locks down the ship so that Merlyn and some gangsters could board. Thawne fights most of the team, but Mick and Maya take him down a bit with the speed weapon from Rip’s secret room. Thawne retreats as Malcolm and Sara tussle. She agrees to give him the amulet from their trip to the 80s in exchange for Martin. With everyone back on the Waverider, they ponder why the Legion needed the amulet. We see the villains using the amulet to see directions to the Spear of Destiny and decide that they have to find Rip Hunter. The end scene shows Rip alive in the 1960s as a film director with an American accent.

I enjoyed this episode immensely. I love the 20s, so seeing they go to that time was cool. I’m happy we finally got the Legion of Doom formed. Sara’s acceptance of her sister’s death is a fantastic moment that I wish a certain other show would look to as an example. I was disappointed in the continued use of the memory issues for Martin. Once again, I’ll go greater into detail with that. I’m also curious as to when in the timeline, they scooped up Merlyn. I found it weird that Sara would just accept Martin’s aberration after just giving a speech about messing with the timeline as they were tied up.

I liked that Mick is having these hallucinations. I wonder if this is how they are going to use Snart for the rest of the season. I’m not completely fond of this Maya and Mick budding romance. They fit well together, but I’d rather they kept that kind of stuff out of this show for now. That was one of my main problems with last season, regarding Ray and Kendra. I doubt that when we get back, we will jump right into this storyline about Rip. I do hope they answer how Thawne and his crew haven’t messed up the future by being in the past causing havoc. I have so many thoughts on how “The Flash” and Legends have messed up their own rules for time travel, but those will be in a separate piece. For now, I’ll grade this episode at an 88%. This was a very good midseason finale.

Also, “DC’s Legends of Toworrow” will be moving to Tuesdays at 9, after “The Flash”, starting on January 25th.


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