The super sons are in a snowy environment as a test to get them to work as a team. After they get past Maya, Jon and Damian head for the train where Goliath is on the attack. They get him control before the train flies off the side of a cliff. They fly back towards Gotham when Superman creates a hurricane for them to stop. Damian sends them into the eye of the storm, but Goliath went off course and out of control. Superman stepped in and saved them. He said the test was over and flew away. When the boys got back to the cave, they found their fathers tied up in a monster made of the DNA of multiple Batman villains. They worked together and saved their fathers in a final test. Back in Hamilton, Bruce and Clark find Christmas trees and the boys help take them down. The fathers watched their children before the boys started fighting.

I enjoyed this issue. We get to see Robin and Superboy start to form a bond, which is interesting because of their dynamic. Damian is a darker version of Bruce and Jon is a more naive version of Clark. Tomasi and Gleason keep hitting it out of the park with this series. This little two-parter allowed them to set up the possibility of the dynamic duos teaming up later down the road. Even though this was all payoff to last issue’s set-up, it was still a great story on its own. It felt like a level of a video game. It was interesting in its delivery. The only negative is the strange mash-up monster that Bats uses to trick the boys. I’m going to score this at an 95%.


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