Image via DC Comics.

In the last issue of “Murder on the Empire Express”, We have Ollie, Dinah and Dig fighting the security for the train and the bad guy, Eddie Fyers. As Ollie and Eddie fight, the glass tunnel holding the train cracks open and water starts to blast through. Dinah and Diggle try to stop the train from crashing. Dinah disconnects the passenger cars as she jumps on a motorcycle to save Ollie. Diggle tries to drive the train away from the bystanders in Seattle, where even the president waits for its arrival with Broderick. Ollie arrives back in Seattle after the train crashes and the president believes more now than ever in world peace.

Image via DC Comics

Okay, so there is a funny cameo that was obviously drawn and placed in the comic before the election. Well… The President looks very much like Hillary Clinton and it’s pretty hilarious. Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of this arc or issue. I wanted to love it because of Dinah not being some dumb rock star, but the badass she is supposed to be. Unfortunately, Ben Percy just isn’t that compelling of a writer and Diggle is a caricature of the depth of the character on “Arrow”. Once again, I’m not in love with this art style, but the two page panels were neat. I only started reading at issue 8, so I’m not caught up with the story leading up to the island. This arc makes me wonder if issue 8 was just a fluke based on people’s nostalgia of Ollie and Dinah being together. I’m going to give this issue a 66%.


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