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The New Celebrity Apprentice has Arnold Schwarzenegger replacing President-Elect Trump in the boardroom. The cast included Boy George, Jon Lovitz, Laila Ali and Lisa Leslie. The first team project involved coming up with a demonstration for Tyra Banks’s makeup line. The men chose Boy George as their team manager and the women chose Porsha Williams. The guys won the first challenge by utilizing the more manly men like former football players Ricky Williams and Eric Dickerson as the appliers of the makeup to the ladies. Arnold also called out Jon Lovitz for not calling him Governor, despite knowing each other for a long time. The three women choose for the chopping block were Porsha Williams, Snooki and Carrie Keagan, with Arnold “terminating” Keagan.

The second challenge involved trident gum and making a commercial/music video for it. On top of Arnold’s donation to the winning leaders charity, Trident will double it to make it $100,000. Carnie Wilson becomes the woman’s team manager and Jon Lovitz was the men’s leader. The men won the challenge once again, which put the women back on the chopping block. Joining Wilson in the boardroom were Lisa Leslie and Snooki. Arnold wasn’t happy that Carnie would throw everyone under the bus, so she was terminated. He did a few catchphrases like “Get to the Choppah” and “Hasta la Vista Baby”.

Image via NBC

I wasn’t too much of a fan of “The Apprentice” shows when Trump was hosting. I watched a season or two, whichever had Omarosa, but I am a huge Arnold Schwarzenegger fan so I had to check it out. He has his nephew with him along with Tyra in the boardroom. The banter between them was fun. The cast of celebrities is hit or miss. Lisa Leslie and UFC fighter Chael Sonnen were mostly quiet. Snooki was sort of useless and well was Jon Lovitz. I thought the makeup challenge was hilarious. I wasn’t sure whether the NFL guys would play along, but thankfully they did. I was shocked at the to see President-Elect Trump is still a producer on the show, despite the drama earlier in his campaign with NBC. I guess it’s through the show’s production company, MGM.

I think I’ll stick with this until “Supergirl” comes back on January 23rd. I think Boy George and Brooke Burke-Charvet are going to be standouts and may even win the whole thing. I hope Arnold keeps switching up whatever he says after “You’re Terminated”. I saw a few guest advisors, but I wonder if Tyra and Arnold’s nephew will continue being his boardroom advisors. I hope Porsha Williams gets kicked off soon. All she does is complain about the other competitors, once you get her talking. Then, she doesn’t stop talking. This episode was two hours long and it seems like that is the format moving forward. Next week’s episode has Chef Rocco Dispirto and YouTube star IJustine and involves Grape Juice and a new product for King’s Hawaiian. I’ll say this was a nice episode and would score it at 85%.


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