As the New Year rang in, Geoff Johns took to Twitter to tease a new DCTV show. If he isn’t counting Black Lightning, then I have four ideas for a new TV show. I know there are “Gotham” and “Lucifer” on Fox and “Preacher” on AMC, but I’m going to give a list of shows I want to be part of the CW “Flarrowverse”.

  1. Green Lantern
Image via DC Comics

In season 4 of “Arrow”, Hal Jordan was teased in a Coast City flashback during the crossover episode. Throughout “The Flash”, there have also been teases for Ferris Aircraft. Hal Jordan is the most known and popular of the lanterns. As an Airman, he became a test pilot for Ferris Aircraft and became intimate with Carol Ferris. He finds a dying alien who bestows a green power ring to him, making him the new Green Lantern.

Why would he be a good fit?

For those unaware, Green Lantern has a long history with both Green Arrow and The Flash in the comics. He also, by proxy, formed relationships with Roy Harper and Wally West. The show would involve Space Travel and different worlds, like Oa the home planet of the Green Lantern Corp. It would also introduce great DC villains like Sinestro, a former Green Lantern who turned and created the Yellow Power Ring, and Star Sapphire, who is Carol Ferris and a great female antagonist. There are also rings for every color of the rainbow as part of the emotional spectrum, including Red which Supergirl once held for a while. The show could become a space buddy cop show with Hal and an alien or with another earth lantern. He always has a backup lantern, which includes John Stewart. Stewart was used in the Justice League cartoon of the early 2000s. There was some speculation that John Diggle would become a Green Lantern since he has a similar back story to Stewart.

2. Constantine

Image via DC Comics

John Constantine is an occult detective from England. Constantine has made a cameo in the Flarrowverse before and even had his own show on NBC. It was cancelled after one season, but Matt Ryan has continued to play the character in the upcoming “Justice League Dark”.

Why would he be a good fit?

Constantine has already been introduced in the universe and it brings in magic so that it doesn’t need to be used in other shows, like “Arrow”. It would also allow a whole slew of characters to be introduced like Doctor Fate, Zatanna, Zatarra, Swamp Thing and more. The CW also already has a built-in audience who are fans of magic with “Supernatural”. If they decide to end that show, Constantine would be a perfect replacement. Plus, “Supergirl” transferred over to the CW with no problems. It actually added to the show.

  1. Birds of Prey
Image via DC Comics

The Birds of Prey is an all-female trio of Oracle, Black Canary and Huntress. There was an episode called Birds of Prey of “Arrow” back in Season 2 where Sara, as Black Canary, and the Huntress fought. Of course, there was the short lived “Birds of Prey” series on the WB. Let’s not remember that, though… Oracle is Barbara Gordon. She was formerly Batgirl, but after the Joker shot her she became a paraplegic. She works out of a clock tower and gives everyone information, usually Batman and the Bat family.

Why would they work?

Like I said, most of the characters were introduced already. The sticking point would be Oracle, but you could add Felicity. Although I’m not fond of that idea. By adding Babs, they open the possibility of having Dick Grayson. They’ve been teasing him since season 1 and even had plans to introduce him before the Teen Titans show was being pushed at TNT. They could be based in Bludhaven, instead of Gotham. It would also add more female leads and more possibilities for the Suicide Squad, since Babs has a history with working with them. It would also allow Sara to be more of a standout, if they wanted to switch up “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”. There is also Black Siren walking around, who I still believe is the Laurel showing up on “Arrow”. They could have an arc where she turns good and joins the Birds. I also miss Helena Bertinelli. This would be a great way to bring her back.

  1. Superfriends
Image via EW/DC Comics/The CW

Okay… You don’t have to call it Superfriends, but I doubt DC would want a TV Justice League and a Film Justice League. Superfriends was a cartoon series based on the Justice League with original characters. They met at the Hall of Justice and fought the Legion of Doom in some seasons.

Why would they work?

For one, the Crossover was amazing. You could end “Arrow” and replace it with a team show lead by Oliver Queen and a few others with a rotating cast, similar to “Justice League Unlimited”. This would be an excellent way to add unusual characters to the Flarrowverse. They also already created the Legion of Doom on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”. It could be a 12-15 episode series that could do pretty much anything. They could even call it Justice Society since the original team retired. Green Arrow, Spartan and Vixen along with other heroes who are available go on adventures. You could have Supergirl guest star or bring Barry on occasionally. Even Jesse Quick could come over and be in a few episodes if needed. This is also a way to bring back Huntress, Constantine and Green Lantern. Plus, they have an old Star Labs building that looks just like the Hall of Justice.

So, do you agree with my picks? Would you rather see a different team like Teen Titans? Leave a comment and discuss. The DCTV shows on The CW return with new episodes on January 23rd and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” will be moving to Tuesday.


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