Image via Disney XD/ Lucasfilm

The first Rebels episodes back from “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” involve the Ghost team rescuing Saw Gerrera, a veteran of the Clone Wars and fellow Rebel. Kanan, Ezra, Rex and Chopper head into the cave of Geonosis after Hera lands the Ghost. Zeb and Sabine work on getting the core out of a Separatist Shield Generator. Kanan and team are attacked by battle droids before Saw comes to their rescue. The battle droids took out his team. They follow a lone Geonosian and interrogate him as battle droids attack Zeb and Sabine.

The story continues in the next episode where the battle droids get shut down and they load the core onto the ghost. Saw doesn’t get much out of the Geonosian, so Ezra tries to talk to him. They don’t get much out of him except a drawing of a circle in a bigger circle. Meanwhile the Empire finds the rebels on the planet and begins their assault. As the Ghost tries to save Kanan and the others, they find poison gas canisters used by the Empire to eradicate the Geonosians. Click Clack, as they have been calling the Geonosian, went further underneath the surface of the planet with a possible Queen egg. The rebels get away, but lose the canisters as proof to the senate of the Empire’s genocide.
There will be slight spoilers for Rogue One below.

Image via Disney XD/ Lucasfilm

This was a fun two-part episode. These hour-long stories continue to prove my point of making every episode an hour. In these two episodes, more story could be developed. There were some prequel references like a joke Sabine made about sand and Rex said Kanan is no Skywalker, both are referring to Anakin. There’s also a cameo from Bail Organa. It was also interesting that we knew that the Geonosians were building the Death Star, but the Rebels won’t find out until closer to Rogue One. I was kinda hoping we’d get a tease of them finding out something, but they assumed the two circles were from the canisters.

These episodes did feel separate from the overall arc. I really felt more like a supplement to the movie. That’s probably the point, but it still sort of felt out of place. It was still a great episode and I really enjoyed having the whole team on the same mission. The back and forth between the characters was natural, but Forest Whitaker as Saw was strange. He sounded like his normal voice instead of the weird of in Rogue One. He also didn’t have his breathing apparatus. Maybe whatever happens to him is further in the series. Does this mean we see him again? I thought the rebels lost contact with him. It presents a lot more questions. I want to see more of Saw, mainly because it would provide some character development. These were solid episodes. Episode 12 is at an 84%, but episode 13 was better at 91%.


On a side note… R.I.P. Carrie Fisher


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