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On this third task of Celebrity Apprentice, the group used Welch’s Grape Juice to create and produce an informational and entertaining presentation. Laila Ali was the project manager for this challenge and the girls focused on a cooking and talk show presentation. Chael Sonnen was the project manager for the guys and they had music, exercise and health information as part of their presentation. Rocco DiSpirito joined Arnold and his nephew in the boardroom this episode. The women won the challenge this episode and were safe from elimination. During the discussion with Arnold, Chael said Ricky Williams was opposed to the ideas put out and caused issues within the team, while Eric Dickerson caused his own problems by saying he didn’t care if he was fired. Chael, Ricky and Eric come back to see who is fired. Eric was terminated and told to “Get to the Choppah”.

In the fourth task, IJustine from YouTube was one of the advisors who gave the teams a YouTube video challenge involving King’s Hawaiian’s new sauce and creating a viral campaign around it. Matt became the project manager, but Jon Lovitz caused some issues in the planning stages. Snooki was project manager for the ladies, but Lisa felt like everyone was ganging up on her as director. The girls had issues in the editing room and Porcha and Snooki decided to do their own thing to one of the two videos. The girls lost the challenge and the editing was mostly to blame. Snooki took the blame along with Porscha and they blamed Lisa’s directing as well. Snooki, Lisa and Porscha went to the boardroom, but Snooki couldn’t take the competition anymore. Arnold terminated her and she left for the “choppah”.

Image via NBC

Besides a little back and forth between Lovitz, Arnold wasn’t too involved in this two-hour block as opposed to last week’s block. It seems like it’s becoming a normal season of “Apprentice”, which isn’t bad because it’s mildly interesting. Now that the shine has worn off, the cast of celebrities aren’t all that interesting. Vince Gill was involved in the music for the first hour, but kinda disappeared in the second. A big surprise was how much Chael was into the game after pretty much being silent in the first two episodes. His determination to stay in the boardroom signed Eric’s fate. Lisa Leslie sort of came to life a bit, but was still not very compelling. The female team ends up backstabbing each other, while the men’s team ends up arguing. I would’ve like them to make it a mix of the genders. It would’ve made for a more interesting competition. Even though the men argue, they still end up putting a better product out for the clients. The women have great ideas but, because on interpersonal issues, they sabotage themselves to make others look bad.

I would like to be overly enthusiastic about this show because it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger but it’s not all that compelling. I will say the third episode was better than the fourth just because of the drama that ensued. Of the contestants left, I feel like Chael and Boy George have the best chances of winning. Honestly, I don’t think any of the women have a chance as of their performance now. If they can start acting more like a cohesive unit and one stands above the rest, then maybe. As for scores, the third task was around an 82% for me. It had just the right mix of drama and productivity, as well as Arnold. The fourth task was a bit of a downer with Snooki’s breakdown. I’ll give that a slightly lower score of 74%.


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