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For task five, the challenge was for Kawasaki to market their new motorcycle. Moola CEO Gemma Godfrey joined Arnold and Patrick in the Boardroom. Carson was the project manager for the men and went to the races with Boy George over the photoshoot. They decided to use drag queen and a naked Carson. The other men weren’t really on board with it. Kyle Richards was the female team project manager and they decided to go with a male/female couple shoot. The men did a few shots; Chael and his wife and baby, Vince with a dog and a shirtless Ricky. The women get Brooke’s husband to help with the shoot, but he refuses to let Brooke be the driver. The women had one with Kyle and Leslie side by side, Porsha and then Brooke riding behind her husband. The men used Ricky, the drag queen, a woman model and Vince with Carson’s nude as an outtake that Arnold made a joke about in the boardroom. The men won the challenge, but Kyle still received $25,000 for her charity from Kawasaki. Kyle, Brooke and Porsha go into the boardroom for elimination. Kyle Richards was terminated and sent to the “choppah.”

In the sixth task, they swapped Carson, Chael and Vince from the male team with Laila and Brooke from the female team to make mixed teams. I’ll refer to the male team by its original name, Arete, and the female team is Prima. They had a challenge involving See’s candies, a company the Warren Buffett owns. They must raise money for charity and develop a chocolate candy. They are making phone calls while others are helping make the chocolates at the factory or traveling to Omaha to meet with Warren Buffett. Ricky is the project manager for Arete and Vince was the project manager for Prima. Jon For Team Arete and Chael for Team Prima met with Mr. Buffett for a taste test. Jon tried to bribe him with a dollar and then a five. Both teams tried selling their candies to the public and get donations. Prima won the challenge both in terms of donations and taste testing. Adding the combined totals of each team, Vince won almost $800,000 for his charity. Jon had the least number of donations and Ricky didn’t reach his lofty goal. Ricky decided to bring Jon and Laila back with him. Jon was terminated.

Image via NBC

These episodes were a lot better than last week. Of course, Arnold pulled out some of his bodybuilding energy when talking to Arete after their loss, which I found funny. If you’ve followed Arnold on social media, you know how energetic he gets about lifting weights and working out. Having Warren Buffett was a great touch, but he doesn’t seem to love being on camera. It was funny to see Jon as a nervous wreck. Arnold became more lively this episode, which is great. I think he was trying to emulate how President-Elect Donald Trump was on the show, but the Governor doesn’t have that kind of personality. He’s a very funny and positive guy and he should use that to his advantage. Patrick had some more personality this week as well.

Onto the teams, I thought the photoshoot was a little too risky for the men and it seemed to have paid off. Unfortunately, I think it was more because the women’s progressive theme was undermined rather than the men’s risqué shoot being a success. Obviously, Brooke’s husband wasn’t going to ride behind her. He seemed like a macho guy, but it was funny how Arnold’s reaction was the opposite of what they thought it would be. I think they should’ve just found someone else to ride with Brooke and Kyle should’ve stepped in to fix the situation. If she had, maybe Brooke would’ve been the one to go or the women might have even won the challenge. I’m glad they decided to mix up the teams. I figured they would do that eventually. Ricky seemed to do well as a project manager. His goal was a bit lofty, but that’s business. You shoot for the stars and go big or go home. I’m surprised Jon stayed for as long as he did. He really hasn’t been too involved this season and it was only a matter of time. For a score, I’d go with an 84% for the first of the night and an 86% for the second. This was a really solid week.


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