Image via WB/DC Comics/ Cartoon Network

In this episode of “Justice League Action”, Superman gets hit by a red energy beam and slams into a space cab. With a temporary loss of his powers, the space cabbie has to get him away from Lobo, who is trying to take Mr. Mind for a reward. Hawkman shows up to help, but gets into some trouble himself. Once Superman is recharged, he helps Hawkman fight Lobo. Unfortunately, Lobo steps on Mr. Mind and takes some of his remnants to receive the reward. Superman and Hawkman get Mr. Mind back to the watchtower before he can regenerate. They oblige the cabbie with a picture to add to his collection.

This was a single 15 minute episode, which could work. I thought they’d play two episodes back to back, but that’s not how it is. So regardless of that, it was a fun episode. We get thrown into the action right away. The addition of Hawkman was fun. I’ve never been a big fan of Lobo, but he works in this episode. This was a light-hearted episode with the Space Cabbie making a guest appearance. Maybe once in a while, he could come back. I’d love to see him interact with Batman. The animation is good and better than their recent Direct-to-DVD movies. They got really sweaty pulling in Space Cabbie. I’ll give it an 87%. The writing was great and the story was fun, just thought they could’ve flushed out who hired Lobo and what the deal was with his sidekick.


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