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This episode starts with a run in with Guardian before having to deal with a missing persons case at CatCo. Maggie told Kara that there had been a spike in missing persons with no reason behind it. We see a man being put into a portal in a warehouse by Roulette. Alex was in an overenthusiastic mood after Maggie slept over. Winn found a link between the missing persons, leading to Kara and Mon-El investigating a clinic. They get sucked into the portal and end up on a planet with a Red Sun, causing them to be powerless.

As they marched towards a structure, they were captured. The man who captured them told them they were on Slaver’s Moon and the humans were being sold into slavery. Kara and Mon-El surrendered to Roulette to get inside and found the missing girl. J’onn and Alex find out where Kara is located and Alex flips out on Maggie as she shows up. Winn freaks out when asked to join Alex. He admits that he helped Guardian and is scared after a near death experience.

Kara stood up to the slavers and is tortured for it. Mon-El protected Kara and they made their way to the portal as Alex and the DEO came to save them. An alien attacked Winn and he fought back. They all started going through the portal when an alien ship showed up. Alex used a yellow sun grenade and gave Kara a boost of power. She took down the ship and everyone got back to Earth. Kara submitted a story about Slaver’s Moon, Winn agreed to go out with Guardian again and Alex made up with Maggie and Maggie admitting she figured out Kara’s identity. Mon-El visits Kara and admits that he should help as a superhero. At the end, two hooded people search for Mon-El on Slaver’s Moon.

Image via The CW

This was the Kevin Smith directed episode and it really wasn’t the best of the season. After going into the break on such a high note, this was a bit of a downer. I enjoyed many aspects of the episode though. I liked going to a different planet and the fact that Kara and Mon-El were depowered. The name of the episode is “Supergirl Lives”, a nod to a failed Superman film that Kevin Smith wrote and Nicolas Cage would’ve starred. A reference to that film is the Thanagarian Snare Beast mentioned by the alien who first captures our heroes. Thanagarian may ring a bell because that is the comics origin of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Although the Snake Beast isn’t related to them, maybe this could open the door to the Thanagarians coming to Earth like in the animated series “Justice League”?

Anyway, I didn’t like Roulette as a villain. The fight club episode wasn’t one of my favorites. Guardian continues to go in my negatives as well as that fake spat Alex had with Maggie. It was a complete 180 from earlier in the episode. They tried to explain it away at the end, but I thought it could’ve been handled better or just eliminated since there was so much going on. The yellow sun grenade was lame to me. I don’t even know if that’s really a thing from the comics. It seemed like an easy out.  Also, I get that Kevin wants to have his daughter get some views as an actress, but her performance was bad. Thankfully, she wasn’t in it enough to be “Yoga Hosers” bad. I know she’s young and just starting out, but this role could’ve been given to a 17-year-old who is trying to breakthrough. Her fake emotion when meeting up with the mother at the end took me out of it and brought me back to “Yoga Hosers”.

(As a side note, I did a guest review on a friend’s site for “Yoga Hosers”. Take a look and check out the rest of their site.)

Now that I’m writing this, I really didn’t like the episode all that much. I just liked some of the cool aspects and ideas. This leads to a potentially great storyline involving Mon-El. Could we eventually see the Legion of Super-Heroes now that he wants to be a hero? Will we get to see other alien worlds? Who are those people looking for him? Good setup stuff. Onto Scoring, I’d give this episode a disappointing 60%.


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