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The seventh task involved performing a PR stunt for Lorissa’s Kitchen protein snacks. Bob Harper of Biggest Loser joined Arnold and Patrick in the boardroom today. Brooke decided to be the project manager of Arete. Lisa was the project manager of Prima. Arete decided to do a booty burn workout to promote healthy living. Lisa wanted to do an exercise program like Arete, but Carson wasn’t 100% on board. Prima had Chael, Porcha and Lisa doing workout drills as Carson directed the customers around and Vince hung out with hot chicks on top of the trailer. Arete had their own workout program happening surrounding farm to table. Team Arete won the challenge and Brooke received $50,000 for Operation Smile. This put Prima on the chopping block. Chael blamed Lisa for not having control and allowing Vince to have the dancers. Carson brought some context to the debate and Porcha pointed out the obvious with Chael and Vince needing to be brought back. Lisa, Chael and Vince came back and Vince blamed himself, forcing the Governor to terminate him.

The eighth task took place at Universal Studios, involving Harry Potter. The task was to create a brochure for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Tracey Edmonds was the next boardroom advisor. Boy George had a prior engagement, so he wasn’t there for this challenge. Matt was the project manager for Arete and Carson was project manager for Prima. Matt is a Harry Potter nerd and gives Arete a leg up on Prima. Chael stayed quiet as the rest of the team discussed the task. After spending some time at the park, Arete, except Matt, felt a little overwhelmed designing the brochure. Prima seemed a little overwhelmed by the number of pictures they took, but have a general idea of how they are going to move forward. Chael cut the cord to the computer, causing technical issues to buy more time. Matt had an over enthusiastic presentation, while Carson was not as into it. In the boardroom, Prima ratted out Chael for cheating during the task and Arnold wasn’t buying his excuses leading to termination. Even though Chael was gone, the Governor was still going to fire someone. Arete won the challenge and put Prima on the chopping block again. With her constant talking and losing, Porcha was terminated.

The New Celebrity Apprentice - Season 15
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Yes! Chael got caught being an idiot and paid. I’m sure if President Trump was still the boss, he may have gotten away with it. Not with the Governator. I think most of the weak links have been eliminated now, except for Ricky. Ricky really doesn’t do much in terms of contributions. Anyway, this started as a “meh” episode with each team doing an exercise program. Arnold started going on a health tangent with Bob Harper and continued it in the boardroom. I liked that aspect of it, but the actual challenge wasn’t all that great. Chael wormed out of the first elimination round of the episode, but screwed himself later. Eventually you give someone enough rope, they’ll hang themselves. From the get-go, I knew Arete would win the Harry Potter challenge. I remember watching “American Ninja Warrior” and seeing Matt freak out when they did a segment on Harry Potter. Prima was just not running on all cylinders and the issue was resolved when most of their team was eliminated this episode.

We’re down to seven, instead of eight, halfway through the season. If I had to pick my favorites for winning, it would probably be between Carson and Brooke. They both seem to be able to play the game well. I think it’ll end up being Carson, due to some words Arnold said in this episode. He thinks he’s a good competitor and a warrior. I wonder if they’ll mix up the teams again with it being 5-2 in Arete’s favor. Maybe they’ll work as one team and after each task, someone will be eliminated. I think that’s unlikely though.

Time for scoring and a little editorial note. I have been considering each task as separate episodes. Apparently, it’s just one episode. If I were to continue scoring each task, seven would get a 66%. Between Chael’s debauchery and the overall blandness of the competition, it was one of the weakest of the season. The eighth task was great. We got to see the dichotomy between the two teams and Chael slipping up. I’d give that one a 90%. I’d give the episode an 81%, due to the task seven’s blandness.


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