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In this episode, we see Rip take an artifact as the Waverider was severely damaged. He shut down Gideon and touch some glowing orb. Mick was caught talking to his hallucination Snart by Stein. He convinced him to help get rid of him. Nate names the Villains the Legion of Doom After a Hanna-Barbera cartoon he saw as a kid. They figure out what the Legion is looking for and finds them in 1967. After a fight with the Legion, the Legends have to leave without Rip who is a film student with George Lucas. As the Legends rescue him from the police station, the Legion find them and attack.

They figure out that Rip had the spear of destiny, an artifact that pierced the side of Jesus at the crucifixion. Because of the fight outside of the film studio, George Lucas quits filmmaking thus affecting Nate and Ray because Indiana Jones and Star Wars influenced them respectively. They find Lucas and convince him to go back to film school. Unfortunately, Rip reveals that the spear of destiny is with George, his prop master. The Legion find George with Maya, Nate and Ray. They take Maya’s totem and hold them up in Lucas’s dorm room.

Meanwhile, Sara notices Stein doing brain surgery to remove a device from Mick’s head. The Legends and George search for the spear of destiny in a trash compactor. Once they find it, the Waverider shows up and they fight. Rip fakes like he remembers who he is, but Thawne shows up and takes Rip. The Legends have the spear of destiny and Stein says the device in Mick’s head wasn’t to blame for Snart. That was all in his head. Thawne tells Rip that Merlyn and Darhk will torture him.

Image via The CW

So… That was “Star Wars” fan service at its finest and it wasn’t even produced by Disney. Joking aside, I loved the episode, but not because of the Lucas stuff. We have the Legion of Doom! We have “Superfriends” references! We had the Legends, who I am now calling DC’s X-Men, fighting said Legion! It was so awesome. The writing was great and witty. I love the back and forth of Nate and Ray. Mick and Stein is probably the oddest pairing in the world and it worked great. We didn’t have to deal with Stein’s daughter problem, which still irritates me. I wish we had seen Snart when Mick started talking to him again. This was so on the nose about everything. This is probably my favorite DC Show of the season after that “Supergirl” episode Monday. I also love that “The Flash” and Legends are back to back.

Some negatives are actually the reliance on Lucasfilm and the fact that the Legends pretty much created “Star Wars” and Indiana Jones. The you are our only hope line and the trash compactor scene were a bit too much. The spear of destiny was basically the inspiration for the ark of the covenant, even though the episode was based on “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.  That stuff bugged me a bit, but the other stuff out weighed it for me. This was an episode that moved the plot of the season along and basically picked up where we left off at the break. The flashback to when Mick was Chronos was also great and maybe we see more of Mick’s evolution at some point. I wonder when and if Snart will be back on Legends either as a team member or cameo. He was filming the Prison Break comeback season, so maybe once that’s wrapped? I just can’t sing it’s praises enough. Onto the score… This may have been one of my favorite episodes of the season. It isn’t the favorite, so I’ll go with an 89%.


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