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Barry has Nightmares regarding the future he saw if Iris getting killed by Savitar. He actively avoids telling her about it as he rushes to a robbery in progress. The robber is the man from the newscast in the future, Plunder. Barry ends up letting him go to avoid having the future come true. When he gets back to Star Labs, Caitlin has problems with the wrist devices that keep her Killer Frost powers in check. She goes to Julian for help and he refuses. She talks to him about Survivor’s Guilt and that she didn’t ask for powers like he didn’t ask to be Alchemy. She offers to have him join the team and he decides to think about it. Back at Star Labs, HR gives the team a guided tour of the museum he’s created, but it has some issues to be worked out including a Cisco hologram. Barry heads off to another plunder attack, but Kid Flash captures him. Barry lays into Wally and everyone urges him to ease up on the kid. No one attends the soft opening of the museum upstairs.

Barry shows Iris the Future Room after she keeps asking him what is wrong. He explains the byline and what he saw and promises her to keep her safe. When they get back to the team, sans Joe, they explain the situation. Cisco decides to help Barry vibe back to the future to see what the headlines were on the TV. The recite them to HR, who writes them all down. Some include Star Labs Museum shutting down and Killer Frost being on the run. They decide to try to stop some of the other events from happening. Meanwhile, Wally tells the team that Plunder escaped. As they go off to capture him, Barry tells Wally to be the one who gets him so they can change history and because he believes in him. Kid Flash collars Plunder and everyone chants his name. At Star Labs Museum, Cisco gave discounted ticket to a local school and fixed the hologram. Back at Iris and Barry’s apartment, everyone showed up for a house warming party including Julian who was accepted into Team Flash. HR gave a great speech about how perfect Barry and Iris are for each other, but in an alleyway some woman jumps out of a breech with a hologram picture of HR.

Image via The CW

This episode was great. Was it the greatest flash episode ever? No, but it is definitely one of my favorites of this season. It felt like a season 1 episode. The writing was so much better than the rest of the season. We didn’t have a whole lot of extra stuff going on like flashpoint or alchemy. I enjoyed the flash forward into the future. We also got a tease for Gorilla Grodd’s return along with some of his friends. The dynamic between Barry and Wally is great. I loved their interactions as Flash and Kid Flash. The Museum is an interesting plot point going forward. As well as the addition of HR in the future with a rifle aimed on Savitar… or is it? What does this woman have to do with him? Is he yet another evil Harrison Wells or is this something else? Some many questions… so many possibilities. I think you can tell I was ecstatic over this episode. I’m also curious as to what they are going to do with Caitlin and Julian. Hopefully it’s not another Jay/Zoom situation where she falls for the villain. Also, I didn’t mind Julian in this episode. He wasn’t his usual pompous self, which was fantastic.

So, with all that said, do I have some negatives? Honestly, not really. I did worry for a bit with the whole “being a jerk to Wally” thing, but that resolved itself. To the Scoring, Robin! Now that I think about it, this is my favorite of the season. I’ll give it a 94%.


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