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Laurel is Back and John is in Jail. The rest of the team doesn’t feel it’s right to be celebrating with Malone dead and Prometheus on the run. Felicity runs a DNA test on Laurel’s glass. As she figures out that it could be Laurel’s Doppelganger, Black Siren shows up and uses her scream powers to attack Felicity and Ragman. Ollie tried to stop her, but she got away. They figure out how she escaped the pipeline at Star Labs and try to track her down. They find her at the Black Canary statue and take her down. She tells Ollie that her Ollie died ten years ago, and moved to Central City, where she became the Black Siren. Curtis flips out on Wild Dog about his husband leaving. Ollie talks to Felicity about Earth-2 Laurel.

The Star City DA agreed to be Dig’s lawyer, but the general who framed him has him moved from Star City. As Felicity visits Earth-2 Laurel, the lights go out and the doppelganger escapes. The DA tries to delay the transfer, but the general threatened to have the Attorney General on speed dial. Ollie and team get a location on Black Siren and move out. They find her and Prometheus in a warehouse. As Ollie and Prometheus fight, Black Siren threatens to kill Felicity. Ollie tries to talk her out of it, but she starts attacking them before Curtis uses a device to stop her scream. Diggle punched the DA, giving him the ability to hold him there. Ollie and Felicity talked about Detective Malone and Laurel. We get a shot of Hub City and a woman who has the scream powers of Black Siren. In the flashbacks, we see Ollie being tortured and saved by Talia al Ghul.

Image via The CW

This was an interesting episode… I like Black Siren more than Laurel. I’ve thought that since she was introduced. I feel like that is a good way to maybe get a true comics-like Black Canary on the show. We also don’t know her real name… Could she use her real first name of Dinah? It opens up some interesting possibilities. I’m curious as to who that girl was in Hub City though. The dynamic between Felicity and Black Siren was interesting. I liked the back and forth we saw between them. I like that they are giving Curtis more of a storyline and trying to build his character. He’s the best of the Team Arrow recruits, but they’ve made him the new Laurel.

One of the biggest negatives I have is the way the fighting has become. It has become very choreographed and you can see it’s more a dance nowadays. When he flew through the wall, it seemed really fake to me. I like what Amell brought to the episode, but they keep having him fall into the same tropes over and over again. I get it. He misses Laurel, but I don’t think Ollie would be able to fall for Black Siren’s story so fast. He’s too cynical for that. The episode was enjoyable, but I just wasn’t a fan of how they set it up. I think everyone knew it would be Black Siren. Plus, they did the turn so quickly in the episode. Just another poor writing outing. I do hope people jump on the Talia is Prometheus train. I’ve been saying that from the start and now that she is introduced, I 100% believe it. I’d have to score this at a 70%. It was a meh episode at best.


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