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Kara and Mon-El train in the DEO simulation room. Guardian came back to the van with a bullet hole in his suit. James is a bit jealous of Mon-El becoming a superhero. M’ggan is hearing things and yells loud enough to break the glass of her cell. She fainted and Alex ran tests. Livewire talks to a shrink about Supergirl as someone dressed as a guard lets a girl out along with the supervillain. Kara came to the crime scene as herself to talk to Alex and Maggie. Kara came back to the DEO and freaked out over Livewire being on the loose. Alex brought J’onn to see M’ggan, who is dying. J’onn refuses to bond with her mind.

Kara comes to James to vent and instead of wanting Guardian’s help, she talks about Mon-El helping. James disagrees with having him help Kara. Meanwhile, Livewire wrecks shop at the NCPD and Supergirl goes to fight her. Mon-El helps protect the cops, but Kara gets double teamed by another livewire. He joins in to help as Guardian comes to help. James got hit with a ricochet lightening bolt, knocking him out. Kara takes off his helmet to see it’s James. At the DEO, Kara freaks out over James being Guardian. J’onn and Alex talk about M’ggan. He struggles with needing to forgive her and in turn forgive her kind.

Kara approaches Mon-El about his true intentions for becoming a Superhero. We also get a shot of Livewire being tested on. Winn knows where Livewire is and calls James. Mon-El follows close behind. J’onn decides to bond with M’ggan to help her. She tells him about what she did to be wanted by her people and that she wanted to be J’onn’s friend. There’s a guy who is sucking the powers from Livewire to create a military weapon. Guardian rescues livewire as Mon-El takes out the knockoffs. The scientist attacks them and locks them up. Winn tells Kara that they need help.  After Supergirl saves Livewire, she joins the boys in fighting the other livewires. Livewire attempts to kill the scientist, but Kara talks her out of it and let her go. Kara won’t team up with James and Winn. J’onn talks to M’ggan and says she’s free. She tells him that the White Martians are coming. Mon-El admits that he remembers the kiss and that he has feelings for her.

Image via The CW

Well, this episode was a major step up from last weeks. It was a little overcrowded and Supergirl was put on the back burner, but overall a very solid episode. I liked Mon-El in this episode. He’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine. He has some hilarious lines and his obliviousness to Earth culture/mannerisms is great. As you may know, I am not a fan of Guardian. I feel like he’s the Laurel of the series. He was okay in this episode. I liked the James/Kara tension more than his superhero antics. I enjoyed the side story of the Martians, setting up next week’s storyline. The Mon-El/Kara relationship I can see working. Was this a great episode? Not really…

I’m also not a huge fan of Livewire and the duplication of her powers wasn’t all that original, so I guess something had to suffer to push along the other storylines. She is very campy and forgettable most times. Even in my favorite episode, The Flash being on the show outweighed her being on the show. But this is a major negative for me in this one. There’s just so much going on that maybe Livewire was the wrong villain to just throw in there. They have set her up to be Supergirl’s Lex Luthor and they pretty much made her a throwaway character. This was a good episode, despite the messiness of the story arcs. I am excited for next week’s episode. We get White Martians with the gang being trapped inside the DEO. It sounds so exciting. I hope it can return to the greatness that was the first half of this season. For a score of this episode, I’d give it a 79%.


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