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In this episode, Arnold Schwarzenegger brought the contestants to the Staples Center for their next task. Steve Ballmer, owner of the LA Clippers, gave them the project of creating a T-shirt design and performing at halftime. Boy George joined the short-handed Team Prima and Lisa became their project manager. Ricky decided to be the Arete project manager. The teams came up with their designs while Lisa and Boy George decided to do a song, with Lisa rapping. Arete let Matt work on the presentation. Steve Ballmer showed up while they worked on their creative. He wasn’t completely sold on Matt’s impression of him. Team Arete went out first and tried to hype up the crowd and then Prima followed with their song and dance routine. In the boardroom, Arnold and Steve were curious as to why Lisa didn’t do something basketball related. She said she wasn’t sure her teammates could rebound and help. Steve took issue with Matt lifting a line from one of his YouTube videos. Team Prima won the challenge and Lisa received $75,000 for her charity. Ricky brought Brooke and Laila back to the boardroom. Laila was sick most of the task and didn’t contribute.  Arnold was going to fire Laila, but she started to show some fight. That means he terminated Ricky.

The next task took place at Gold’s Gym, the place Arnold spent the most time when he was bodybuilding. They had to sell one of the new equipment from Gold’s Gym, With former Celebrity Apprentice winner Leeza Gibbons. Arete chose Brooke as project manager, while Carson stepped up for Prima. They chose their respective products and went back to their rooms. Prima had a disagreement with how to present the product, using Boy George’s weight loss story or having Lisa demonstrate the product. They brought in the fitness models and Carson went gaga over the male model. Liza showed up to both rooms. She was a bit worried about not having Lisa Leslie as a demonstrator, but was calmed once she saw the amount of weight Boy George lost. On Arete, Liza was worried about the month wait time for the product. They had Carson on QVC to sell the product, but there weren’t as many calls as they had hoped. Being on Muscle Beach, Prima stepped up and got ready for their sales pitch. Brooke wanted to do it on the fly and Matt was worried that there were no notes to follow. They had an okay show. At the boardroom, the executives questioned having Lisa in the production truck. Arnold made an innocent flub when complemented Lisa’s physique “at her age”, which made everyone giggle. Arete seemed to be positive, but the executives didn’t like the late availability. Arete won the challenge by selling more units and Brooke received $50,000 for Operation Smile. Team Prima stayed behind to face their fate. The Governor ended up terminating two people, Lisa and Carson.

Image via NBC

I really enjoyed this episode. It involved two of my favorite things; Basketball and Bodybuilding. It was also great for Arnold Schwarzenegger to get into his element a bit in the second task. Of course, in the boardroom, he started using his experience in Bodybuilding to explain to the contestants what hard work is. I really enjoyed the slight embarrassment he had when talking about Lisa’s physique “at her age”. That was pretty funny. I thought Lisa sort of let the first challenge get away from her, but she lucked out with mistakes by Arete. I knew Ricky wouldn’t last very long nor Lisa. They were the people I thought were going to get terminated next, but I was shocked about Carson. This was his first real mess up, but I think he got caught up in a final four marketing campaign for the end of the season.

Now, we’re down to four; Boy George, Brooke Burke-Charvet, Matt Iseman and Laila Ali. The biggest surprise to me is that Laila has made it to the final four. I thought Carson would’ve made it and could’ve possibly won the whole thing. There are two more episodes left in the season, meaning we’ll be losing two more people next week and the final matchup in two weeks. I’m going to make a prediction that Brooke Burke-Charvet and Boy George make it to the February 13th finale. As for the scoring for this episode, I’ll give it a 96%.


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