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This episode started with Damian Darhk doing the intro. It starts on the day Darhk died in 2016. Thawne and Darhk from the past show up to Merlyn. It jumps to the Legion holding Rip like at the end of last episode. Merlyn suggests hypnosis to get the info out of Rip. The Legends head back to 2017 to figure out who the speedster is. Merlyn says that all of Rip’s memories are gone. Darhk goes in to torture Rip. He rips a tooth… Out of Rip’s mouth. It has a barcode that could have the rest of the spear. Martin’s colleague is his daughter who he brings back to the Waverider. Sara is not happy about it.

Sara discusses the time aberration, Stein’s daughter. The legion brings Rip to Zurich in 2025 to get a security deposit box. They figure out Thawne is up to something as Rip can’t remember the password to the vault. The Legends figure out the speedster wants to fix something in reality. Ray and Lily work on the uploading data to Gideon. She finds out that she’s an aberration and confronts Stein about it. Merlyn and Darhk decide to duel like in the league of Assassins. Rip stops them from killing each other and turns them on Thawne.

The Legends figured out the speedster is Thawne. Meanwhile, Merlyn and Darhk went to the bank to break in. Thawne comes back to find them gone. The box has a device that holds Rip’s memories. The Legends figure out that Thawne has to keep moving to not disappear after Eddie killed himself in “The Flash” Season One Finale. Thawne is trying to get away from Black Flash who is wants to kill him. Merlyn and Darhk help him get away from him in return for being equal partners. Stein tells Lily that she wasn’t a mistake and about being part of Firestorm. She doesn’t believe the last part. He brings her back to 2017. Thawne messes with Rips memories causing him to go back and kill George Washington.

Image via The CW

Well… this was interesting. I was thrown off at first with Darhk saying the introduction. I thought it was a bit refreshing for the episode to be from the Legion’s point of view. I thought it was great to see how they were formed and to see the infighting. I loved the unraveling of Thawne’s plans and that Black Flash has returned. Will Teddy Sears return to play him at some point? Right now, it’s just a CGI character. I was happy that they addressed the daughter thing again… but the rest I’ll talk about in a second. The duel between Merlyn and Darhk was pretty cool and the dynamic between them is great. The weird hippy Rip was prefect to hang with those two. That trio was hilarious as they bumbled their own plans.

Now, the negatives. They made lily aware that she’s a time aberration, but they didn’t do anything about it. There have been no repercussions for it. Stein brought up the different realities, but it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. They are playing by two rules of time travel and it’s aggravating. Anytime the daughter shows up without any kind of resolution on how they are explaining her existence, it’ll always be a negative. That was poor decision making on their part. The legends took forever trying to figure out the speedster is Thawne. I thought they’d have Stein figure it out sooner or they could’ve shown a picture of Thawne to Barry. They went to 2017 and I’m sure Gideon has footage of the speedster. They also could’ve just talked to Barry about the speedster. So, this episode started good and ended good, but the middle was fumbled a bit. It will be interesting next week with a brain mushed Rip leading the American Revolution. But for this week, I’ll give it an 80%.


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