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Flash and Kid Flash stopped the electric gang. Cisco and Caitlin tried to figure out how fast Barry has to go to stop Savitar in May from killing Iris. Julian was rude about Barry not being able to get to the speed in time. The woman who showed up at the end of last episode appeared in CC Jitters and disappeared. Gypsy, the woman, showed up at Star Labs to take Wells back to his earth. She fights Cisco and Kid Flash with her own vibe powers. She a Collector who has to bring Wells back for violating interdimensional travel, by being put to death. The west kids go around Barry about a arms dealer case Iris is investigating.

Cisco challenges Gypsy To trial by combat to save Wells. He has 24 hours to prepare. As Cisco prepares for his fight, the West Kids go to the police station to get info on the arms dealers. Barry and HR go to take out Gypsy before she kills Cisco. It backfires and she keeps HR as collateral. Barry talks to Cisco and Julian shows them footage that might help during the fight. Meanwhile, Iris and Kid Flash stopped the arms dealer. Joe was not happy and Barry talked to Iris about putting her life on the line. Cisco showed up to fight Gypsy. They both use their vibe powers. They use breaches to travel to different worlds, including Supergirl’s earth. Cisco catches her off balance and wins the fight. He still flirts with her in victory. Gypsy goes back to her earth, but Wells can’t. He accepts it and she goes through a breach as Cisco tries to kiss her. Barry reads Iris’s article and Cisco talks to HR. Barry tells Wally that she’s gonna save Iris from Savitar.

Image via The CW

This was a very fun episode. Like yesterday’s “Supergirl”, The Flash took a back seat to everyone else. This was a Cisco episode and it was fantastic. Of course, he’s flirting with the bad guy. I like how this redevelops the relationship between Wells and Cisco, granted a different Wells. His training went rough, but I’m really looking forward to him being Vibe more often. It seems like they put his superhero development on the backburner with tiny teases. I also liked the West Kids side story. Iris getting back to being a reporter is great. I hope they continue with that. I thought it was neat to give a nod to the flashpoint universe that Wally and Iris worked together. Wally was a huge standout in this episode. He’s slowly becoming the character I want him to be. The beginning scene was fun and his work with Iris was interesting. The way he swooped in and yelled at her at the warehouse made me believe he actually cares.

Somethings I wasn’t so fond of was the way Iris would just put herself in danger like that when the whole point of this half of the season is trying to save her in, what I assume is, the penultimate episode in May. We know she doesn’t die before that or the future vision would be for nothing. Julian was still kind of a dick and I wasn’t liking him in this episode. I also don’t like how they are keeping Joe in the dark. I figured they’d realize by now that keeping people in the dark is not the right move. It’s like they never let them learn from their mistakes. Gypsy was an interesting character, but is she Earth 19’s vibe? Is she something else? I get that she’s a “Collector” but are there more people with vibe powers who are collectors? I hope they bring her back so we can get a little more backstory.

The next episode looks like another “Iris is in peril before May” thing, which I’m worried that every episode is going to be like that. Wally is called on to be the one to save Iris, but he can’t in the next episode. Now he needs the doubt, to be unsure about saving his sister. These last two episodes were pretty good coming off the break. I hope we don’t go backwards next week. As for scoring, I’ll give this episode an 83%.


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