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The episode starts 3 years ago during the particle accelerator incident where the woman from the end of last episode was hit with the blast. Back to the present, team arrow is looking for a new black canary. Curtis finds internet char over the woman. Ollie visits Diggle and the DA. Ollie and team arrow go to hub city to recruit her. She refuses and Ollie investigates her. Finds out that she was CCPD and calls Captain Singh. The Flash speeds in and leaves a sticky note confirming his identity. He gives him some info about her partner dying. They found her in a warehouse with a man tied up. Ollie tried to talk to her but she used her sonic scream to kill the man. Meanwhile, Felicity tries to hack into the government database to help Diggle out.

Ollie tracks her down and tries to sell her on being part of the team. Team Arrow figures out she’s after a group that took charge after Tobias Church was killed. Someone messages Felicity saying they can help. Curtis and Wild Dog set up cameras and GPS. They tracked her down to the man who killed her partner. He is also a meta who can throw people off balance. They go with Tina, the former detective, to stop the man who killed her partner from receiving a shipment of drugs. Felicity meets a girl who she inspired to become a hacktivist and the girl offered to give her the info on Diggle if she’d join her hacker group.

Ollie and team take out his men and a helicopter. Tina goes to kill the man but Ollie talks to her to try to get her to put the gun down. She shoots the guy who killed her partner and walks away. Felicity got the file for Diggle and agreed to do the other stuff for the hacker group. Tina showed up to Ollie’s office to talk. We find out Tina’s real name is Dinah Drake. The flashbacks involved Talia taking Ollie on a mission to prove his worth. He killed a bunch of people and she seemed happy about it.

Image via The CW

Now, I’ll start with that revelation at the end. Dinah may sound familiar. That’s because in the show, Laurel’s first name is Dinah. Actually her mom’s name is Dinah Drake Lance. She also lives in Central City. This Dinah was a cop in Central City. I don’t the. Maybe I’m connecting things that aren’t there. Dinah Drake Lance was also the Black Canary’s name in the comics. It’s a fun easter egg for Black Canary fans, as well as maybe a tease for some sort of family connection.

As for the episode, it was meh. I liked the real Canary with the sonic scream. It’ll be interesting since she knows how to actually fight. I’m looking forward to seeing how she works out. The little Flash scene was neat. There was definitely some more humor or lightheartedness in this episode, which was refreshing. The action scene at the end was cool. I liked the choreography and it felt less like a dance.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Felicity going into “the dark net” and her hacktivism since they do a pretty horrible job displaying it correctly. Diggle being locked up better lead to something because I feel like he’s being wasted. Why did Ollie show Tina/Dinah his secret identity? Every time I see them do that, I think about the Batman from the “How It Should Have Ended” cartoons on YouTube. These people have no problem telling every Tom, Dick and Harry who they really are. Plus Felicity exposed herself as Overwatch.

It’s not the best episode, but the end put a smile on my face. I see in the previews that Dinah and Diggle go to Russia and Anatole comes back, which I love. So I’m a bit hopefully for the rest of the season. As for this episode, I’d score it at a 75%.


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