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Clarke and Bellamy discuss telling people that radiation will kill them soon. While the people blame Clarke for Ali killing people in the city of light. Jasper and Raven work on getting the servers back on. Kane and Thelonious see what they did while under Ali’s control. Clarke’s mom met up with her in the square. Her mom tries help the king but the ice nation stop her. They take control of the city and prevent sky crew from leaving. Sky crew was held up in the temple. The only way to get people into the coalition is with the Flame, but Clarke won’t. She tells them about the leaking reactors. Clarke wants to surrender to Ice Nation.

Octavia got Clarke and her mom in to save the king. Bellamy distracts Ice Nation as Clarke’s mom works on the king. As things intensify outside, the three ladies get caught. As the second in command goes to kill Clarke, the king gets up and blames sky crew for the commander’s death and him getting shot. The king doesn’t have the faith of his people, so he decides to take Clarke from the cell and kill her. Meanwhile, Raven confirms that the radiation will kill them in 6 months. Clarke gave the king the flame in exchange for allowing Sky Crew to remain the 13th member of the coalition. Clarke and Bellamy went off to stop the radiation leak.

Image via The CW

This was an interesting start to the season. Once again, the grounders want to blame Sky Crew for whatever the problem is at the moment. Thelonious has this guilt which makes sense. He should feel bad. Kane and Clarke’s mom didn’t get enough time to really take in the situation. I’m glad Clarke is showing the emotion over Alexia. I’m kind of getting sick of Jasper and his will he won’t he kill himself thing. They did it again in this episode. Maybe it’ll be the last time since he seemed relieved when Raven told him they have 6 months to live. I thought, for the time she was in there, Octavia was great. She’s been my favorite on the show.

Everyone seemed to be crammed into the episode just to show where they are after Clarke takes down Ali. That one guy died from inside the city of light, but nothing came of it when they accused Clarke of killing him. Overall, this was a somewhat disappointing episode being the season premiere. It almost felt like it should have been the end on last season, instead of a premiere. I’m going to score it at 73%. Not a great way to start the season, but I am looking forward to how the survive the dangers of Ice Nation and the radiation poisoning.


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