Image via WB/DC Comics/ Cartoon Network

In this episode of “Justice League Action”, Solomon Grundy gets a stone that raises the dead, but Swamp Thing arrives to stop him. He calls the Justice League and Batman answers the call. Batman tried getting Constantine and Zatanna to join, but they are busy with Brother Night. Batman takes the Batplane to New Orleans to help. Meanwhile, Grundy raises the dead at a cemetery, needing the crimson moon to crate his zombie army. Swamp Thing joins the fun. Grundy places the stone in a statue so that he can raise the dead all over the globe. Batman hits the zombie army with a strap gadget, but gets overwhelmed. Zatanna shows up in time to save him. The stone turns all humans into zombies, including Batman and Zatanna. Swamp Thing removed the stone and stopped the transformation process. Batman freezes Grundy with an ice grenade. The heroes celebrate in town with the citizens.

Image via WB/ DC Comics/ Cartoon Network

Another great, little fun episode. The timing is great with “Justice League Dark” recently released on video. Paul Dini loves writing Batman and Zatanna, so it was great that he could write this episode. Grundy is an underrated villain, in my opinion. Of course, he was part of the Legion of Doom on “Super Friends”, but he also had a great appearance in “Batman: The Long Halloween.” He always seemed underutilized in the DC Universe in recent years.

I’m not a huge fan of Zombies, but I won’t hold that against this episode. The zombies were basically “putties” for lack of a better term, until the Justice League members could get to Grundy. I wish Constantine had join them in the fight against Grundy, but maybe that’s one too many characters for a ten-minute short. I do hope we get to see Zatanna again. I’m usually not a fan of magic, but I enjoyed having her on the Justice League in the Bronze Age and then on “Young Justice” (Yes! Season 3!!). I was unfamiliar with Brother Night before this, but that’s because he’s a relatively new villain introduced by Dini in the New 52.

So… For a score. I wasn’t as impressed with this episode, mostly because I not a magic film. As I said, I did like the use of Grundy. I’ll give this episode an 88%. They have been on a roll the last three episodes and I hope it continues.


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