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The premiere of “24: Legacy” begins with a group of terrorists hunting down members of an elite military unit and killing them. We meet Eric and Nicole. Eric is a former Army Ranger and Nicole is worried about starting a family. Rebecca Ingram was the orchestrator of the Eric’s special forces group’s mission and former head of CTU. She received a medal for her efforts. Eric receives a call from a member of his unit, explaining the terrorist situation. Eric tries to get in contact with his squad, but they don’t respond. The terrorist show up at his home and he has Nicole hide in the attic.

Rebecca returns to CTU, Counter Terrorism Unit, and meets with the new head of CTU. Back at Eric’s house, the terrorists have him tied up and question him about a strongbox. The terrorists admit to killing his squad and their families. As the terrorists torture him, Nicole makes noise to distract them and makes a run for Eric’s gun. Eric gets free and they escape. Rebecca and her replacement, Keith Mullins, have briefing about CTU cases and discuss her husband’s presidential run ahead. Eric calls Rebecca about the attack. Eric suggests that Keith may have a hand in leaking their information. Ben, a fellow squad member, has the strongbox and he tells his wife to leave. The terrorists were already there. Once she tells them where to meet Ben, they kill her and his mother.

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There’s a boy and a girl getting into an argument in a High School hallway. Drew, the boy, is brought into a classroom to talk to a teacher. Drew tells him that Amira, the girl, may be planning an attack. Meanwhile at CTU, Rebecca has an analyst run a secret search so Mullins doesn’t know. Eric shows up at his brother’s house and tries to convince him to take care of Nicole. He reluctantly agrees. Rebecca found Ben and informs Eric. Rebecca calls her husband, informing him that she can’t make a fundraiser. Amira gets a text and meets the teacher in the library. He is her coconspirator and tells her about Drew. Nicole talks to Eric’s brother about Eric. One of the other analysts found out about the operation and told Mullins. Rebecca hits him with a Taser and tells Eric where Ben is heading. Eric finds him and the strongbox. It has a flash drive with names and access codes. The terrorists found them and they run. They have a shootout at a construction site and Eric takes them out. Ben takes off with the flash drive and says he’ll sell it.

Wow… That was a lot packed into one episode, but that’s how “24” was. We meet Corey Hawkins’s character Eric. Hawkins played Dr. Dre in “Straight Outta Compton” and seems to be doing well in this episode. Jimmy Smits plays Senator Donovan, but he didn’t have much to do this episode. I hope he gets more involved somehow. Maybe in the same way Dennis Haysbert was in the original. Unlike the original, this won’t have 24 episodes so it’ll be curious as to what they skip or is it’ll only cover from Noon to Midnight. Teddy Sears, Zoom on “The Flash”, plays Keith Mullins and has also had a small part so far. The family dynamic is interesting with Eric’s brother and Nicole once being involved. They are hinting at his brother’s girlfriend telling someone where Nicole is, which makes me wonder who she would tell.

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Eric Carter is a very different character from Jack Bauer, but it feels like “24”. Admittedly, I stopped watching the original in its later seasons. This first episode seems like a return to form for the franchise. I feel like the action may be improved due to better effects, like at the construction area with the steel pipe that Eric used as cover. There was a shocking moment where the terrorist raised the gun to Ben’s wife’s face and its assumed he shot her in the face. Of course, they didn’t show it but the implication was still a bit much for a network TV show. I have no real negatives for this episode, except maybe there were one too many storylines introduced with the high school student/teacher team. That probably could’ve waited until the second episode since that seems like a C plot until the end of the season, where they probably play a bigger role.

Overall, a very solid episode and I’m very much looking forward to the rest of the season. I’ll give this episode a 90%.


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