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For this task, Boy George was the last man standing on Team Prima. Brooke was sent over to join him. Jessica Alba came with her Honest Company products and was a boardroom advisor. Boy George and Laila were the project managers for their respective teams. Each team figured out which cleaning products they wanted to demonstrate and took a trip to the model house. Matt and Laila were working a bit better together than Brooke and Boy George. Brooke was a bit agitated with Boy George and his lackadaisical style. As they worked on their projects back in the war room, Jessica visited Laila and Patrick visited Brooke and Boy George for a situation report. Meanwhile, Brooke and Matt were texting back and forth. Matt had a script to work on as Laila focused on signage. The two teams demonstrated the products for focus groups and the advisors. While Boy George used his Buddhism beliefs to sell the cleaners, Laila focused on her personal experience with the cleaners. In the boardroom, Jessica Alba gave her critique of each presentation, but Team Prima were the winners. Laila and Matt has to stick around to see who was getting terminated. This was Matt’s first time on the chopping block. After a bit of a contentious boardroom visit, Laila was terminated.

The Governor called the final three back into the boardroom and only two will make it out. After some discussion, Brooke was eliminated. This meant Boy George and Matt Iseman were the final two to battle it out by fundraising for their charity. Tyra Banks returned as a boardroom advisor and Carnival CEO Arnold Donald described the challenge to both which required a variety show and dispelling common myths. Arnold Schwarzenegger brought back some celebrities to help each finalist. Matt had Carnie Wilson, Carrie Keagan and Kyle Richards as teammates and Boy George had Carson, Laila Ali and Porcha Williams helping him. Arnold Donald came to speak to each team about the different cruises. Team Matt and Team Boy George went around to the different areas of the cruise ship and shot some photos. After a day of snapping pictures, they began on the variety show. Matt and Boy George made fundraising phone calls as they left the rest for team to work on. Boy George flips out on the producers over the keyboard player who assists him on the music for the variety show. And that’s where the episode ends.

The New Celebrity Apprentice - Season 15
Image via NBC

This episode had some shocking moments for sure. One that was not shocking was Laila being eliminated after the first challenge. What was shocking was Brooke being eliminated so quickly and for almost arbitrary reasons. I thought they would definitely move her on to the final task for a few reasons. She has been one of the strongest competitors. She is the last female in the game, so maybe they would go back to a battle of the sexes type of thing. I am not as surprised as I thought I would be about Matt being in the final two. He didn’t go to the boardroom until this episode. He’s won as a project manager. Maybe he wasn’t on top of his game for the Honest cleaners challenge, but he’s been a low-key solid player. I’m a little shocked at Boy George’s breakdown in the final task. He’s usually calm and collected, but he was freaking out under pressure. I’m starting to believe that Matt could win the whole thing.

I was disappointed at first with the celebrities Arnold brought back for Matt, but they seem to be more of a cohesive unit than Team Boy George. Carson is trying to keep everything together, but Porcha is bringing everything down. Laila seems generally uninterested. It should be interesting in part two of the challenge next week, which is a one-hour episode starting at 9pm EST. I’m goon go against my pick of Boy George earlier in the season and pick Matt to win it all. He seems to have everything running on all cylinders and not freaking out on people. A few little anecdotes to add. The Arnold Donald joke was funny, but even funnier considering the recent comments made by the President about Arnold’s ratings on this show. Arnold also went on another rambling about his bodybuilding career, which seemed to completely disinterest Brooke. I’m not saying that’s why he eliminated her, but I’m not not saying that either…

As for scoring this episode, the unusual aspect of getting rid of someone before the last task threw me off and feel like a missed opportunity to see all three finalists duke it out. I’ll give it a 79%.


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