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Eric is on the run, looking for Ben. Rebecca goes down to the interrogation room and tells Keith what’s happening, so that she can get his director override. Eric finds a drain hole cover open and Ben calls wanting $2 Million dollars for the flash drive. Eric called his brother, Isaac, and finds out the police have $4 Million dollars. Rebecca tries to talk him out of stealing the money from the precinct. Eric gets stopped by the cops, takes their guns and tells them to get in the cruiser. Meanwhile, Amira calms Drew down about any possible attack, while making sure the teacher continues to create the explosives.

Senator Donovan gets to the fundraiser, where his father greets him. Eric tells the cops that he has to rob the station. Isaac talks to Nicole about his girlfriend, who overhears him saying they are going to break up when their next deal is done. Donovan gets briefed by his father and another man about his campaign manager belonging to a radical mosque in college and that his opponent is going to release an attack ad. The terrorist’s son visits some other extremist. Amira talks to the teacher and drew sees them together. There was a struggle and the teacher killed Drew.

Eric gets the cops to bring him inside the station. He gets a device on the cameras so that CTU can see what’s happening. They bring him to the evidence locker and Eric searched for the cash. Senator Donovan approaches his campaign manager about the mosque. She explains that she went there to fight against his hate. Donavan accepts her explanation and refuses her resignation. Nicole over hears Aisha talking to the guy Isaac is making the deal with to tell him that no one would miss Isaac if he didn’t come back from the deal. Andy, the CTU Analyst, talks to Agent Locke who is there to meet Mullins. One of the agents tells Locke that they can’t get ahold of Mullins. Andy finds out that Donovan’s campaign manager’s computer was the one that accessed the rangers’ information. Mullins cuts the camera feed and has both Rebecca and Andy placed under arrest. Eric is stuck in the evidence room, pinned down by the police.

This episode showed the cracks in the show’s armor. It is edited and structured to be like “24”, but it doesn’t have that air of mystery and became sort of predictable. Of course, it was the one who went to the extremist mosque that had access to the names. It’ll end up being Donovan’s father setting her up. Keith will agree to help out Rebecca and Eric will get past the cops somehow. This episode barely followed him, unlike the premiere. The original show followed Jack Bauer and when he found out, we found out. This show is doing the exact opposite. We know before Eric and CTU know.

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Is it still a fun action/adventure show? Sure. I enjoyed it for what it was, but it definitely lost that “24” edge this episode. Eric wasn’t even the main character of the episode. There is just way too many storylines happening for a 12-episode run. We’re a sixth of the way done and we just found out key information. No real exposition has been told about this girl Aisha and how the deal matters to the story.  What is happening at the school? Why do we care? Are these terrorists from Chechnya? I thought they were in Afghanistan… Some of it just doesn’t make sense. I hope that eventually the show will refocus of Eric, as opposed to everyone else.

I didn’t even get to CTU yet. The moles and secrecy had to develop over a season for the original show. They are just assuming you know about CTU and the adventures of Jack Bauer. Some of the people who watched the premiere, didn’t see the original series. Granted, they didn’t need to know about the previous adventures, but now I wonder if they do since it just seems like they are building off the preexisting knowledge of CTU and their history of treachery. We also only got subtle glances at the terrorist. We’ve had more filler stuff than the actual meat of the story. I wouldn’t mind if it had the full 24-episode season, but it doesn’t and I don’t think they realized that when the wrote the scripts. Maybe they did and they just don’t care because “Slap 24 on it and they’ll watch it” …

So… a score. It’s going to be significantly lower than last episode. I’m going to give this one a disappointing 63%.


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