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At the bar, Kara tries to talk to Mon-El, but it doesn’t work out well.  Kara wants to celebrate her Earth Birthday, but Alex and Maggie have tickets to Barenaked Ladies. M’gann and J’onn get into a fight outside the bar with White Martians. Supergirl attacks them and they run. M’gann runs into her husband in the bar, one of the White Martians after her. He gives her an ultimatum, surrender in 24 hours or he’ll kill J’onn and Kara. J’onn talks to M’gann and stops her from leaving. Alex was concerned about upsetting Kara so she went to the DEO to clear the air. Meanwhile, the M’gann that came in with J’onn was a white Martian. So J’onn pit the facility in lockdown.

The agents were suspicious of each other, so J’onn had everyone put their hand over fire to see if they’re a white Martian. It ended up being Winn. After a brief altercation, he escapes into the building and sets the reactor that powers the building to explode. The White Martian has Winn’s intelligence so Supergirl has to check with her X-Ray vision. Kara and Alex talk about Kara being mad about Earth Birthday. J’onn admits to M’gann that he has feelings for her. They find out there were two White Martians and one shape shifted into Alex. Supergirl and the White Martian fight it out. J’onn wakes up Winn and brings him to the reactor room. M’gann stays with Alex. J’onn fights M’gann’s husband as Winn tries to shut down the reactor. M’gann kills her husband before he could kill J’onn. Alex shows up to take down the other Martian. Winn stops the reactor from exploding.

M’gann decides to go back to Mars and try to fight for change. Kara sits at home and watches TV as Alex shows up with a cupcake. The White Martian’s bond gave Alex memories of their conversation. They talk about Mon-El and Kara’s feelings. J’onn and M’gann talk on the balcony about their feelings and say goodbye. Kara goes to CatCo and saw Mon-El leave with one of the girls there.

Image via The CW

Well this half of the season had a quick turnaround. This may be one of my favorite episodes of the season. It had a very “Alien” feel to it. I’m also a fan of the Barenaked Ladies, but I wish they made an appearance. The J’onn/M’gann thing is a little weird. I’m used to them being Uncle and Niece, not lovers. I do love the character of Martian Manhunter that they have created on this show. He’s different from the comics, but just as good. Any Manhunter centric episode has been very good. I’d love for them to visit Mars and explore the Martian culture.

Kara being jealous of Alex going to the concert with Maggie is just as annoying as Barry’s constant need for reassurance. When they have her complain like that, she sounds like a whinny brat. I also hope the Mon-El thing doesn’t get in the way of the two of them teaming up. I’m glad there was no Guardian. That automatically bumps up it up for me. I can’t really find many negatives with this episode. This was the bounce back I was hoping for after the last two episodes. The only thing I can really talk about is how it ranks among the best of the season. I’d definitely place it in the top 5 along with the first two episodes of the season and the midseason finale.

Looking ahead, the next episode looks interesting with the return of the Luthors and the curious case of Lena. Is she good? Is she evil? Will we ever see Lex? Metallo also returns, so this should be fun. We’ll hopefully get a little progress on what the Big Bad of the season wants and what the plans are for Cadmus. They try to make Livewire her nemesis, but a super will always have a Luthor as a nemesis. Will it be Mama Luthor or Lena? Very interesting.

But for this episode, I’ll score it a 96%.


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