Image via The CW

Rip leads the redcoats after killing Washington, giving them modern rifles. The Legends find out and head to 1776 to save George Washington. The redcoats show up at a party in Pennsylvania. As Sara and Mick get him out of the party, Rip shows up and shoots Sara in the stomach. They bring Sara back to the Waverider, but the Waverider has no power. She puts Jax in charge. Nate and Maya go after Washington and Mick, but are attacked and Nate falls into the water. Rip tries to break into the Waverider as Martin operates on Sara.

Jax booby-traps the ship as Ray is stuck in his mini state. Maya tries to keep Nate warm and General Cornwallis has Washington and Mick. As Rip hunts Jax down, Nate and Maya get busy in a tent as they wait for their clothes to dry. Mick and Washington talk about America as Nate and Maya continue the search. Jax tricks Rip but rip finds Sara and Martin. As Rip chokes Sara, Jax tells him where the rest of the spear is. Rip snaps Sara’s neck and goes to get the spear.

Meanwhile, Ray is chased by the rat in the vents. He turns the auxiliary power on and Gideon is able to save Sara. As Rip gets away with the spear, Jax threatens to kill him before Sara shows up to stop him. Washington and Mick fight their way through the British army until Nate and Maya show up to save them. They fix the timeline with a new statue that looks a bit like Mick in the Capitol. Sara and Jax have drink before they have a Christmas party.

Image via The CW

This was a really fun episode. I love the American Revolution, so to see Mick and George Washington team up was awesome. Evil Rip was cool. I like when a team member is turned on the others. Brainwashing isn’t usually a great trope, but it works here. I liked Jax in this episode. It was some great character development. I thought the “Home Alone” aspect was funny with Jax setting the traps. Ray being small was pretty funny as well. Nate and Maya hooking up was expected, but this was an awkward episode for it to happen. The Christmas episode was a little late, but better late than never, right?

Sara being dead was sort of lame because we know she’d come back. She is essentially the main character right now. Plus, she’s died before and everyone freaked out. George Washington’s relaxed attitude towards Nate turning into steel was a little weird. You would think it would scare him. Also, did they collect all the rifles that Rip was using? Did he stay in 1776? I’m a little confused as to how this stops him from making attempts on Washington’s life. Some of these adventures should really mess up the time stream because of the rampant disregard their fights have on the time period.

The next episode isn’t until February 21st. It’s going to be dealing with Camelot and n the Legion of Doom. I really hope they are in every episode until the end of the season. I love when they are fighting the Legends. I think there are only 6 episodes left anyway, so this should be the final act of the season. For this episode, I’ll score it at an 87%.


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