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Barry and Wally have a race to test Wally’s speed. Joe, Barry and Julian head to a crime scene at Luigi’s Restaurant, which Iris realizes will reopen when she’s killed. Julian and Caitlin go an autopsy, but the Corpse disintegrates. As Wally trains, Barry goes to another crime scene. He figures out that these victims are cops from Flashpoint. Julian and Caitlin figure out that the meta was created by Alchemy. As the West family and Barry have coffee with Joe’s girlfriend and daughter, the meta showed up and Wally was the only one who could suit up. They get away and Iris tells Joe about the future. He gets upset and storms out. The meta shows up at Iris and Barry’s apartment, but Wally wasn’t fast enough to stop him from touching her.

Wally brought her back to Star Labs and Caitlin freezes her arm to stop the spreading. Barry talks to Wally and tells him its not his fault. HR and Cisco try to find a universe like Flashpoint. He has Barry think about Flashpoint and vibes to see who the meta is targeting. At Star Labs, the meta’s attack keeps spread up Iris’s arm and Caitlin is getting closer and closer to becoming Killer Frost. Julian could calm her down and they stabilized Iris. Joe found one of the Flashpoint cops on a train and the meta put debris on the train tracks. Barry and Wally race over there. Barry phased the train through the debris and Wally phased his blood into the meta. They could make an antidote and save Iris. Caitlin went to grab a drink with Julian. As Wally phased his hand through a wall, Jessie came through a breach and said her dad was taken by Grodd and brought to Gorilla City.

Image via The CW

Well, this was a pretty decent episode. It had a call back to Flashpoint in an interesting way and dealt with the ramifications of Alchemy. I’m glad that Joe knows about the future because it would’ve really sucked if they kept lying to him since it has never worked out in the past. It shows that the characters are learning and growing, something Arrow has failed to do. Anyway, this episode felt sort of like filler at first, but the Wally stuff was great character development. The teaser with Jessie was the most exciting part, but I’ll get to that.  We got to see a fun rivalry between Barry and Wally with the race and then when Joe’s girlfriend’s daughter liked Kid Flash over Flash. I like these family moments on the show. This once again demonstrates why Joe is the life blood of the show. When he’s not as involved, the episode isn’t as interesting. I liked that Barry took on the mentor role and I hope this allows his character to grow and stop being the one who isn’t confident. Barry saying “Run, Wally. Run” is the first step in him becoming the hero he needs to be.

Once again, Julian is in my negatives. As much as they tried to make him compassionate, it was really awkward since he was being his jerky self the rest of the episode. It sort of came out of nowhere, just like the time he was friendly to Barry. I really hope he leaves at the end of the season. I’m just not a fan of him.  This villain was a reminder of Alchemy and the up and down first half of the season. He was a pretty weak villain and the “Wally couldn’t save Iris” thing comes right after Barry says he’s going to save Iris. A little too clichéd. There just wasn’t any energy behind the episode. It was just bland.

Now with Jessie, this makes me excited for the next episode. We get to see Earth-2 and Gorilla City. Unfortunately, it’s not until February 21st. Next week seems to be a repeat of this episode. I’d love to see Wally and Jessie in action. Seeing Harry again will be fun. Scoring for this episode will be a 70%.



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