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Ollie gives a press conference about Diggle’s release. Meanwhile, the general who framed Dig stole a nuke and went to Russia to sell it to the Markovians. They leave Wild Dog with Lance, who is fresh out of rehab. Ollie and team Arrow head to Russia, where Anatole is not happy about what he pulled back in Star City when he was looking for Slade. He says he can’t help him. They find where General Walker is selling the Nuke. Felicity runs a side mission. They took a captive and started torturing him.

Wild Dog grills Lance, but angers him. Ragman questions Felicity about the side mission. John goes overboard and beats the snot out of the guy, leaving Ollie with only one choice. He goes to Anatole and agrees to do him a favor in exchange for Walker’s location. He brings Dinah with him to find out more information. They talk about what’s on his mind and helps him vent. Wild Dog comes back and they go over questions again.

Ollie tells Dig and Felicity not to go over to the dark side, but the Bratva finds him. They go to a hanger and stop the sale, but the bomb goes off and Ragman stops it. They celebrate and leave. Ollie has sex with his Reporter Girlfriend and Ragman takes off because the blast did something to his suit. His Girlfriend finds out Ollie is Bratva and the Green Arrow. The flashbacks involve Talia helping Oliver take down the drug lord responsible for flooding Starling City with the drug.

Image via The CW

This was an interesting episode. It lays the groundwork for his secret identity getting out. I figured the reporter was after more than just love/lust. I never subscribed to the theory that the girlfriend was Prometheus. I am still for Talia as Prometheus. This episode as a weird thing because it gives an inclination as to the public unveiling of Ollie as the Green Arrow. More and More people find out, but will Prometheus kill the reporter like Church? What is the ultimate endgame of this season?

I did however enjoy the quiet conversation between Ollie and Dinah. It felt a lot like the comics, which is the first thing in a while that resembled it. I like that Dig is bad, but now he’s season one Oliver psycho and what is Felicity doing? I was very confused. Is this her new hacktivist persona? Why did she involve Ragman and Curtis? Also, how did Ragman contain a nuclear explosion? That’s jumping the shark territory.

I kinda hope for season 6 they get rid of everyone but Dig and Dinah. I was very disappointed in an episode that has Anatole. He was one of my favorite characters on “Arrow” early on. I’m not sure what’s happening half of the time in this episode. They’re chasing after Walker, and then Ollie is working with the Bratva… then he’s not, and then a nuclear explosion, and then Ragman leaves and Ollie’s girlfriend is out to get him.

I really wanted to like this episode and thought after last week this show would be back to form. It is not. And for those reasons… I’ll have to give this episode a 50%.


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