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The show starts as we see David’s life leading up to being in a psychiatric hospital. He has all kinds of visions and I being heavily medicated. He does like a woman and asks her to be his girlfriend at group. The girl apparently is Sidney and David claims she was taken. An investigator claims she wasn’t a real person. David tells his side of the story which follows from the therapy session to Sydney saying she’s getting out.

The investigator has him in a scientific facility, testing his telepathic abilities. He isn’t aware that he’s a mutant. They were monitoring his lunch with a strange man. With a machine attached to his head, they talk about the incident at the hospital. As Sidney was leaving, David kissed her and shocked them both. They brought her to examination room and David used his powers on everyone. He put everyone in rooms and made the doors disappear. He says he switched bodies with Sidney and she did all of that with her powers, including phasing Lenny into a wall.

David freaks out and throws a pen into the investigator’s face and destroys the equipment in the room, knocking himself out. In a flashback, he turns back into himself when he’s sipping coffee after leaving the hospital. He goes to his sister’s house and bunks there for a while. Lenny appears to him and they talk about her dying. In the facility, they have David in a pool with electrical wires strapped to him in water. Sidney projected herself into his memories. Sidney and a group of mutants save David.

Wow. I was blown away by this episode. Can I just nerd out for a second? WE HAVE A X-MEN TV SHOW!

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Ok… I’m calm. Anyway, this is so weird and strange, but in a good way. It delves into the psyche of someone who isn’t sure if they are crazy or not and it makes sense. If all of a sudden you had telepathy and heard voices, you would think you were crazy too. My recap above doesn’t even cover the amount of craziness in this show. You’ve got flashbacks, but are they flashbacks? You’ve got memories… or is it reality? You can never know with this show.

I’m an X-men fan, but Legion is a character I knew the least amount going into this. I know he’s Charles Xavier’s son, which hasn’t been brought up yet so I’m not sure if that is true in this show. He’s a mutant with strong telepathic abilities, but can’t control them. As the show first rolled on, it set up an interesting concept of psychology and what is normal. To Sidney, the people in the hospital are normal and the other people are crazy. I love that concept. It’s also hard at times to determine what is real and what is coming next, which is something else I love. I’m dying to know who the group of mutants are and who the woman is. Is that his mother? Is it a friend of Charles? Do the rest of the X-men even existing in this universe? Is that the X-men right there? IS ANY OF THIS REAL????

Image via FX

Ok… Freaked out again. Sorry. I’m just so over the moon about this show. If you were to tell me Legion would be my favorite Comic Book show on TV, I’d laugh in your face… But after one episode, it is… I’m just hoping that the rest of the season holds up to this high standard. I wonder if Aubrey Plaza will show up as Lenny anymore in his head. The more I think about this show, the more questions I conjure up. The effects are amazing and they were able to get you inside the mind of someone that scared and powerful. I know there’s going to be another X-Men show going to pilot. I hope it’s in this universe. Even though the loose affiliation with the X Franchise worked for this episode, I’d love to see more mutants eventually and David interacting with them. Dan Stevens was great as David and all the rest of the acting was fantastic. I’ve never given an episode of television a perfect score before… but I will now. 100% for the pilot episode of “Legion”.


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