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Eric is trying to escape the station and gets pinned down. The head officer got ahold of Rebecca. Mullins was cleared and everyone is on the same page. Eric is headed with the money and a SWAT team as Rebecca goes to arrest her husband’s campaign manager. Eric’s brother, Isaac, heads to a meet and Aisha watches Nicole. Rebecca calls John about his campaign manager. Eric calls Nicole to apologize for not being there for her. Eric meets with Mullins and Locke. The terrorist’s son is tracking the phone Ben has on him. Rebecca tells John the details of what has happened. At the school, Drew escapes the classroom and collapses on the soccer field. John goes out to give a speech as Rebecca tries to figure out if the Campaign Manager, Nila, was out of her office when her computer was assessed. Andy talks to the other agent about Locke and Aisha’s phone call. Andy and Locke were a couple, but Locke broke it off. Nicole gets the message but Aisha takes her phone. Eric gets to the train station and he, Locke and Ben all get on a train.

Drew gets loaded onto a stretcher and the girl goes with to finish the job as the teacher continues to work on the chemical. Rebecca shows a video to Nila showing she was at the campaign office when he computer was used. We find out John’s father Henry was responsible for the leak and his brother-in-law changed the video footage to blame Nila. Ben meets with Eric on the train. He tells him why he did it. He wants to disappear near a lake. He gets off the rain and they went to retrieve the list. A shootout occurs with the terrorists and Locke is shot. Eric ran after the terrorists, but they got away with the list.

Image via Fox

This episode was slightly better than last week’s. My suspicions were confirmed that John Donovan’s father was behind the leak. I’m still bummed that there’s no Tony Almeida yet. Jimmy Smith was able to show a little more emotion in this episode, but still being underused. The stuff at the police station got resolved a little too quickly, but that’s what happens when you have a ton of stuff to cram into 12 episodes. It doesn’t seem like 24, but it’s still a decent show. Some of the stuff is predictable if you’re a fan of Spy shows or films. It’s very telegraphed, which is a bit annoying.

I did like the action and I think Corey Hawkins is doing a great job. The actor who plays Locke seems very uninterested in what he’s doing. Most of episode seems like filler until the terrorists show up. This has been slightly disappointing to say the least. I hope that it starts to pick up steam. I don’t know how this is all going to get resolved by episode 12. I have no idea what Amira and the Teacher are doing. The Isaac storyline seems to be frivolous. I’m just going to go straight to scoring and hope next week is better. This episode gets a 70%.


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