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A flashback of Lena joining the Luthor family starts the episode. Alex introduces Maggie to the crew and Kara sees the Lillian Luthor trial on TV. She goes to visit Lena. Lena visits her mother in jail and we find out she wasn’t just adopted but Lionel Luthor was her real father. Metallo gets some kryptonite in jail and shows up at court for questioning.

There was video showing Lena got the Kryptonite for Metallo and was arrested. Kara talks to Mon-El’s girlfriend, who apparently isn’t going out with him anymore because he kept talking about Kara. Metallo shows up to break Lena out, but Guardian shows up to fight. At the DEO, James gets patched up and everyone tries to convince Kara that Lena is evil. As she takes her frustration out on some blocks, Mon-El walks in on Kara. They talk about Eve and have an awkward conversation. Lillian tries to convince Lena into joining Cadmus as they are on the run.

Lillian has Cyborg Superman make Lena open one of Lex’s safes. At the DEO, Winn figures out that the video was faked and they find Metallo’s location. The kryptonite is synthetic, making it unstable and ready to blow up. Kara and Manhunter show up to save Lena before Metallo blew. They vindicated Lena and Kara talked to her. Kara talks to Mon-El about her feelings.

Image via The CW

This was a serviceable episode. I was sort of hoping for more. Last week’s episode was great. This is another dip. I was hoping Lena would go to the dark side, but she is still unwilling. Everyone tried to get Kara to turn on her, but friendship conquers all, I guess. They should have made this a bigger episode since Cadmus is the big bad of the season. This is the first time back since the midseason finale for that organization, but I hope in the remaining half of the season they show up more and that we get to see Lena turn. There is an inkling throughout this episode that she has it in her. Maybe something has to happen between her and Kara in order for it to happen. Maybe it won’t happen until next season. I’m not sure. Anyway, the James stuff bothered me. I’m really not liking him as a character anymore and hope he goes back to Metropolis. The Guardian stuff is annoying and now he’s whinny.

Cyborg Superman and Manhunter were sort of throwaways in this episode, which bothered me. They set up Cyborg Superman to be this huge foe and he’s in it for like two minutes? Plus, the stuff at the warehouse happened way too fast. Before the Break, this was my favorite CW show this season. Now, I just want it to get back to greatness. Granted it’s not Season One level bad, but still. Also, since when does not everyone know about Alex and Maggie? Winn was shocked, but I’m pretty sure she said something to him about it. It’s just a very odd way to start the episode.

I am excited for next week’s episode with Mr. Mxyzptlk. He’s normally a Superman villain, like most of these bad guys, but it looks goofy and hilarious. He also tends to be a short old guy, but you know it’s the CW… Anyway, that should be exciting. As for this episode, I’ll land around 75%. I was good, but disappointing.


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