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It’s the season finale of “The New Celebrity Apprentice”. There was a red carpet for the finale and they saw each other’s display rooms for the last challenge involving Carnival Cruise Line. They raised money for their respective charities. Matt got up on stage and began impersonating Arnold before sharing his story regarding Rheumatoid Arthritis and Having Wilson Phillips perform “Hold On”.

Carson gets up on stage and introduces Boy George, who serenades the crowd. He brings Natasha Bedingfield on to sing. Then, Boy George comes back to sing Karma Chameleon. Everyone comes back to the boardroom, where Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrick and Tyra Banks judge each team’s performance. Team Matt lauded his leadership. Carrie Keagan even got a donation from Sylvester Stallone for Matt’s charity. Team Boy George did the same for him. They discussed the difficulty of fundraising, where Boy George relied on Celebrities and Matt relied on members of the Rheumatoid Arthritis Foundation. Matt ended up raising more money than Boy George. They both made their cases for why they should win, but in the end Matt Iseman became the New Celebrity Apprentice.

Image via NBC

I’m not quite sure why they made this a separate episode, never mind only an hour long. There was a lot of pomp and circumstance at the beginning, but I felt like we never got to see the rest of last week’s episode. Boy George was flipping out on the producers, but we never got to see the resolution of that. He just showed up on stage singing the song. The end was also very anticlimactic. Matt went back and celebrated with the six former contestants. I thought they would have announced him as the winner where the people who came to the variety show were sitting. I feel like this season was probably rushed because of all the drama surrounding the President’s departure from the show. It was still entertaining, but I feel like it probably could’ve been done better if they had the proper prep time. I hope they keep Arnold Schwarzenegger on and give him a proper season order with a proper production.

About the actual winner, I had Matt in my top 4 but at the beginning of the season I thought it would be Boy George and Brooke. I still think Brooke should have moved on instead of Boy George. It felt like he just didn’t want to be there. Matt performed great throughout the season. He was 2-0 as a project manager and went 8-4 prior to the final task. The only time he made it to the boardroom for elimination was when he was in the final four. Even when he was on the losing team, he wasn’t the reason they lost. He has been a strong competitor and deserves the win. I’ll score the episode and then the season as a whole.

The finale episode left me wanting more and fell a bit flat for me, but it was produced well and the results were great. I’ll give this episode a 75%. Looking at the season, it definitely had its ups and downs. It had some very solid episodes and some weak ones, but I’ll give it an 83% for the Governor’s first foray into Television.


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